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The winds funneled through the canyon with speed, casually tossing around the leaves that loosely hung from their branches. It was nearing the end of autumn and the beauty of the canyon would soon vanish into an array of sleeping trees and fallen leaves. A sole figure could be made out, standing atop a large and finely crafted bridge.

Masked by his armour, the figure gave off a very ominous feeling. Something about hiding behind a helmet left a negative impression in anyone. He seemed rather aloof yet focused, something was definitely on his mind. "According to the general... we'll be having some visitors from this end soon." the armoured figure said, slowly removing the bulky helm.

"Are we almost there?" a black-haired boy said to a blonde-haired woman with a remarkably large bust. He was growing increasingly impatient; they had been on foot for almost two days and they had yet to reach their destination... or so the boy thought.

As the team of four stepped onto the bridge, the woman, Tsunade of the Sannin, stopped. "We're here; you happy now?!" she demanded, having grown tired of her students' constant complaining. Turning her attention away from the genin, Tsunade greeted the man before her. "Hello. I'm Tsunade and this is my team. We were sent to pick up some documents from the general of the Land of Iron; I take it you're him or his assistant?" she inquired.

Lowering his helmet to his waist, Sudachi Minamoto chuckled. "No, I am not General Mifune. My name is Sudachi, I am a Samurai and member of the Oni Squadron," Sudachi said, bowing to Tsunade. Raising his head, Sudachi locked eyes with one of the children in front of him. "I am required to ask for your documentation and Seal of Approval from the Hokage."

"Of course," the woman replied, taking a document with the hokage's official seal out from her bosom and handing it over to the samurai before her. "Now, I request the papers I was assigned to receive and deliver to the hokage, please." she said with a gentle, yet demanding, tone.

Sudachi nodded at the large breasted woman and quickly turned from the group. "If you'll follow me, we can collect your documents. These are not run of the mill papers as it seems the general himself wants to hand them off," Sudachi began as he nodded in the distance. His head, only slightly turned, was fixated on the young man who stood behind Tsunade. Since they arrived, Sudachi attempted to read him yet could not do so. For his age, he was obviously much more gifted them most...

Noticing the man named Sudachi watching him like a hawk, Shōjiru finally spoke up. "Do you have a staring problem, mister? 'Cause it certainly seems like it. It's either that, or you want something from me." the boy said rather rudely. He didn't like when people stared - at anyone - so the question had been clawing at him for awhile.

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