Summing up these past few months in one word: horrendous.

Ever since I took up the mantle of Hokage - almost twenty years ago - relations with the other nations, as well as Amegakure, have only worsen. Even during the days of the First and Second, our relationship with the world's powers were incredibly strained. Now, the countries we once called allies have become bitter enemies, out for blood. If things aren't resolved in someway and somehow soon, we shall have war on our hands.

I have been working day and night attempting to straighten out some of the issues that are present, but I myself cannot correct every problem that is slammed down upon my desk. The amount of paperwork for just Konohagakure I receive on said desk is a load on its own; couple that with the documents dealing with foreign affairs and its almost too much. At this rate, I'm gonna have to retire much sooner than I anticipated...

Well, this entry is quickly approaching its conclusion. With regards, Hiruzen, the Third Hokage.

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