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Acid Release
Kanji 酸遁
Range Short to Long Range
Other Jutsu

Acid Release (酸遁, Santon) is an advanced chakra nature utilizing both Fire Release and Water Release. It grants the user the ability to produce and control various types of acidic liquids. The types of acid they can produce can vary in strength and forms, which can be as simple as creating a toxic gas, or creating concentrated and corrosive liquid capable of eating away at even a person's flesh. The user is also able to coat their body in the acidic substance at will, any person who touches the user will be poisoned. This also grants the user an innate immunity toward poisons as well, although this does not mean that they are immune form new and unique poisons, although they will have a higher resistance than someone else.

Derived JutsuEdit

Acid Release: Smog

Acid Release:Acid Cloud

Acid Release: Acid Double

Acid Release: Acid Infusion

Acid Release: Acid Armor

Acid Release: Demon Wall

Acid Release: Impure Rain

Acid Release: Hazard Wolf


Thanks goes to Kenny for inspiring the idea.

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