This article, Acid Release: Impure Rain, is property of Rozeluxe.

The user creates three orbs made up of their acidic chakra, they will then send them high into the air. When they do so, the user can then command either one at a time, or all three to explode into an toxic rain. Each droplet of the exploded orb will not effect non-living organisms, but will directly affect the muscles of the enemy. Each droplet causes the muscle it is absorbed into to become weakened and shrivled, as if it slowly began to die. This can do alot of harm if the foe is struck directly, as their entire body can become paralyzed by weakness. However, this is not fatal, and also temporary, and can aid in tracking, or to evade the eyes of followers. Plants and biological life, decay and rot, shutting down the regenerative properties of the plant, making forests and other obstacles melt away. The range of this technique is vast so the chance of escape is slim but, the likely use around allies without proper arrangements also dampens the chance of utilization.

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