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Aether Release
Aether Release edit 1
Name Aether Release
Kanji 天遁
Literal English Heaven Release

Heaven Style

Classification Chakra Nature
Other Jutsu

Aether Release (天遁, Amaton; Viz "Heaven Style") is a rare and advanced chakra nature, that appears in select Amasentogan (Jingū's being the only known one currently capable of using). is an advanced chakra nature, that appears distinctly in Jingū's Zentengan. Aether Release is focused on the creation of zero-point fields, regardless of whether it's physical or not. As such Aether Release offers a wide range of jutsu with various natures and effects. Physical Aether Release can take on two different forms - constant and dynamic. The constant Aether Release mostly create zero-point fields where no physical particles can exist. The dynamic Aether Release creates dense structures from aether nature chakra. The structures that are formed are highly destructive, most capable of sublimating a target. Most dynamic Aether Release techniques have a stronger drawing force than constant, due to their immensely dense structures, but dynamic Aether Release jutsu does not last as long as constant.

Abstract Aether Release is more versatile than the Physical Aether Release. The Abstract Aether Release draw out chakra or life energy pulling it into the air where it can be supplemented. This form of Aether Release creates hinderances in a target, as well as supplementary effects for the wielder if the Aether Release technique is also an absorption technique.


Aether Release is limited by its demand for chakra and focus. Because of this, most techniques of Aether Release require much of the user's stamina in order to draw out their full capacity, and some users are noted to be unable to perform Aether Release techniques to their full strength, due to their lack of adequate chakra reserves. Jingū, as well, is not exempt from these limitations. Many of his Aether Release jutsu are drawn out weaker than their full state, and when he does execute a full powered Aether Release technique, it leaves him with exceptionally lower chakra reserves. This weakness is most apparent in Abstract Aether Release where a user may end up inputting more chakra into a technique than it is worth drawing chakra from an opponent, thus the technique could end up being more of a hinderence to the user than the enemy.

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