"There is more to being a shinobi than jutsu and fighting, you know." - Ai to an opponent.

Ai Mizuumi (あいみずうみ, Japanese for "Indigo Lake") is a jōnin-ranked shinobi that served and fought during the Fourth Great Shinobi World War as an ambush and mid-ranged specialist for Kirigakure. His fighting style revolved around employment of a mixture of Water Release and Lightning Release techniques, wreaking havoc on his foes like a storm, earning him the moniker of The Pale Storm of the Mist.

After the war, Ai returned back home to Kirigakure. He has since been promoted to the ranks of Kirigakure's Hunter-nin.


Ai is a young man of fair complexion and average size, standing at five feet-nine inches and weighing one hundred and twenty two pounds. His build is lithe, thin and athletic without being too muscular. His hair, black in color, is worn in a loose, messy, long style, with bangs drooping down onto his face. His eyes are a cool grey color. There is a small birthmark under his left eye.

Ai wears a rather plain outfit, composed of a one-piece sleeveless black jumpsuit and a Kirigakure-styled flak jacket over it. He also wears pin-stripped wrist-warmers that extend up to his elbow and matching leg-warmers that extend halfway up his shins. His forehead protector, black in color, is tied about his waist in the fashion of a belt or sash. Both Ai's ears are pierced by two silver hoops. In addition to his piercings, Ai's fingernails are painted black.

His hunter-nin uniform follows the style of previous members. He wears a blue kimono and a striped turtleneck undershirt. However, unlike other members, Ai wears the kimono in a unique fashion; he doesn't wear the left sleeve over his left arm, letting it and part of the kimono droop and hang low. He tucks his right arm in the sleeve and into the kimono, making it appear as if his arm is in a sling. His hunter-nin mask is a typical hunter-nin mask but has a blue triangle pattern that stretches up to where a nose would be on the mask. He only wears this outfit when on duty.


"We are who we are, right? There is no right and wrong when it comes with people."

Throughout his life, Ai has been noted for his calm, carefree, easygoing and somewhat unmotivated nature. He prefers to laze around and is content with "just getting by", rarely striving to do as best as he could - which frequently earned him lectures from his teachers during his time as an academy student. Despite his years of being a shinobi and being a veteran of several missions, he continues to retain this personality. On the outside, Ai can appear as aloof, uncaring and distant. In reality, he is quite the opposite, being friendly and caring, caring greatly about his friends or allies and will adopt seriousness when a situation warrants it.

Ai believes that everyone is equal, and so treats everyone with an equal level of respect. This further stems to his superiors and enemies. He rarely addresses superiors with honorifics, treating them as he would anyone else, which has earned him trouble during his career as a shinobi. Towards his enemies he bears no animosity, hatred or ill-will, seeing them as fellows in the same position he is; just people doing their jobs.

In battle, Ai maintains his calm demeanor and takes battles in stride. Contrary to his relaxed nature, many of his techniques are swift and flowing, often surprising his enemies. He is very analytical and strategic, often combining his chakra natures for amplified effect. While he can think up and create very elaborate strategies, he prefers to take battles as they come.


"He would be more than a decent foe, if he managed to find the motivation for it. Half the time I think he is just toying with people."

High Chakra Level: Ai has a fairly large chakra reserve, roughly on an "above-average" level. While his chakra reserve is higher than many other shinobi, it is still finite and capable of being run dry over the course of a fight, nor is it a match for a Kage-level shinobi or a jinchūriki. His higher reserves of chakra enabled him to perform higher-level jutsu, such as the Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique.

Ninjutsu Expert: Ai is a very formidable opponent in the field of ninjutsu, with it being his primary method of offense and defense. Ai possesses considerable innate knowledge in ninjutsu, being able to use many techniques whilst attacking or for defense. With his knowledge, he learned how to perform the Summoning Technique, making a contract with crabs.

Nature Transformation: In addition to ninjutsu, Nature Transformation is Ai's preferred and primary method of fighting. His nature affinity is for Water Release, which is common for shinobi of Kirigakure. He also has great skill in Lightning Release, being able to use many techniques to trap, stun and damage his foes. A particular favorite trick with his Nature Transformations is to combine the two effects (with water being an excellent conductor of electricity), increasing the power of his techniques.


Early YearsEdit

"Why don't you work harder?"

"If I get good grades and pass doing nothing, why make extra effort?"

Ai was born in Kirigakure to two jōnin level shinobi parents. He attended the Ninja Academy of his village since an early age, taking basic courses, such as mathematics, writing and science, and learning the Shinobi Rules. He also took the basic courses in taijutsu, ninjutsu and genjutsu, easily excelling in ninjutsu without much effort.

During his tenure as an academy student, Ai was often bullied because of his pensive and compliant manner, with some of the other students believing him to be weak and cowardly, and often received scorn and lectures on the behalf of his instructors for having no motivation and making no effort to strive for the best he could achieve. Despite this, he passed all of his courses and received graduating grades sufficient enough to warrant graduation at the academy when he was twelve years of age.

Upon graduation, he received his first forehead protector and was assigned to Team Five of the Kirigakure genin, under the leadership of jōnin Kei Arawa.

Genin YearsEdit

"An enemy won't be so merciful towards a lazy attitude, Ai."

"Don't shove me in the grave yet, sensei...."

The first meeting of Team Five was a pretty typical meeting at first. Kei took time to ask each of the members what their strengths, weaknesses, fears and hopes for the future are. Ai in particular did not make a good impression with his new sensei as she thought him lazy, weak willed and suffering from a severe lack of ambition - things that she felt would surely hinder his progress and career as a shinobi. He surprised her in the sparring match the team later went through by his cooperation, team coordination and his use of a low-level Water Release technique.

Kei had ordered the team to come at her with the intent to defeat her. She, in turn, would hold back her highest level and outright fatal techniques. After getting bruised and led on a wild chase through near-by wilderness, the team was initially disorganized. Ai took advantage of the situation, organized the team accordingly to his team mate's strengths and short comings and effectively trapped Kei in a small thicket of trees. He pinned her to a tree by using a low-level Water Release technique that involved spraying a volume of water, much like a hose, at high pressure and velocity -- keeping her in one place for a few seconds -- enough for the team to surround her.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Ai is influenced, to an extent, by Shikamaru Nara and Kakashi Hatake but also draws influence from myself. His complexion, long hair and earrings are based off of my own appearance (me being very pale and having long hair). His personality also stems from mine, especially being very carefree and easygoing (although I wish I could always be as calm as he is!). Also, his primary chakra nature, water, is based off of my birth year's element (water) according to the Chinese Zodiac

If according to a Naruto Databook:

  • Ai's hobbies are napping, writing and fishing.
  • Ai wishes to fight the Second Mizukage, the Fifth Mizukage and Kisame Hoshigaki.
  • Ai's favorite foods are akashiyaki and Kagoshima ramen. His least favorite food is cabbage.
  • Ai has completed 247 missions in total: 113 D-rank, 62 C-rank, 40 B-rank, 22 A-rank and 10 S-rank.
  • Ai's favorite term is: "Follow your own path." ("独自のパスに従ってください")

Ai's theme song is: World Without Words by Nujabes. His battle music is this song.

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