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Aisa Himegami

—One. Two...Oops! Oh well...He was gonna die anyway.

Aisa Himegami (姫神 秋沙, Himegami Aisa; Literally meaning "Deep Blood") is an S-rank missing-nin originally from Amegakure and a member of the reformed Akatsuki. She uses the unique Crystal Release brand of jutsu and is highly proficient with the kekkei genkai. As a young child she was saved by Konan, much like she herself had been saved by Jiraiya. As a result she idolized Konan and took it upon herself to help protect Amegakure just like her savior. As a result once she grew up she reformed the Akatsuki so as to better serve Amegakure in her own way. She traveled the various lands to recruit new members and has spent time in the past living in Konohagakure, acting as a spy for the organisation. During her time in Konohagakure she met a young man named Saitō Hajime and sensing the great power he possessed she convinced him to help her reform the Akatsuki.

Since then she has earned the title of the Crimson Princess of the Akatsuki (暁の紅姫, Akatsuki no Benihime). Kenshin Uchiha, who was the only person who she truly became friends with while in Konoha, is the only one who knows her as Aisa and is still aware of her past life and association with the Akatsuki. So he still teasingly calls her Benihime, a nick-name which the few friends she has have also picked up.

Personality Edit

Ruthless, bloodthirsty, seductive and stunningly beautiful, she is every man’s darkest fantasy and every woman's worst nightmare. Aisa is a very cunning and sharp minded person possessing a highly manipulative and dangerous personality. She is not greatly concerned about the feelings of others and is willing to use and manipulate anyone further her own goals. In this sense she can be quite selfish, putting her own gains and motives above all else. She does not care much for society's perceptions of morals or ethics and follows only those rules that she herself sets. Compassion and honor hold no sway over her and she is capable of taking steps that might be concerned sick or depraved by others.

While in disguise she appears to be a very humble and down to earth person, very kind, and cheerful. She displays a very good sense of humor and often breaks the tension in a weird situation with a witty and well-timed response. She treats people in a kind and respectful manner; giving her elders and superiors the respect that is due to them and treats those younger than her with kindness and patience. But this is all a facade to fool those around her and win their trust so that she can use them later on if she needs to. As a result she has over the years built up a long list of people who owe her a favor, be it big or small and plans to call upon them at one time or another when she needs to.

During her time in Konohagakure, and particularly during her time spent with Kenshin Uchiha, she slowly and unknowingly began to develop a more kind and considerate side to her personality. His presence in her life began giving rise to a side of her personality that was tempered and become much more mellow. Indeed, deep down she greatly values her friendship with Kenshin and does care for him. But since fleeing Konoha she has returned to her cold, bloodthirsty self. The brighter parts of her personality are buried deep down below all the darkness she shrouds herself in, but it still does exist, even if she herself does not acknowledge it.

Appearance Edit


Aisa as an ANBU member.

Aisa is a strikingly beautiful young woman. She is of medium height and has long flowing reddish pink hair. She normally wears a blue sleeveless vest with a long sleeved orange shirt underneath. Both end well above her stomach and reveal her stomach and navel. Below this she wears standard blue shinobi pants with bandages holding a kunai pouch on her right thigh. She has bandages wound over both her shins and feet and wears open toed sandals on her feet.

During her time in the Akatsuki and while in Konoha she wore her hair short. She wears a tight form fitting sleeve-less top with tight leather pants below. The top was short so as to reveal much of her stomach and navel. She wears black nail polish with her Akatsuki ring on her left hand middle finger. She also wears a fingerless black tekkou on her left arm and a wire mesh elbow protector on her right arm. While in Akatsuki she wore the Akatsuki robes over her clothes but normally left the robes open up front in a revealing manner.

While in Konoha she was a part of the ANBU and was normally seen wearing black pants with a white sleeveless shirt above. Long black gloves, with metal arm protectors over them, were worn on her arms which came all the way till a little below her shoulder. Her katana was kept on her back and an equipment pouch was fastened near her upper left thigh. The ANBU tattoo that she recieved during this time is still present on her left shoulder. Aisa is well aware of her beauty and she often uses her beauty to her advantage and dresses provocatively in order to gain an advantage over others, especially men.

History Edit

Abilities Edit

Aisa possesses a unique ninja art: the Crystal Release. By using this power, Aisa can summon and manipulate crystal in a number of ways even being able to crystallize moisture in the air, therefore giving her an infinite source of weapons. She also possesses tremendous intellect. She is well-versed in the history, strategy and tactics and is considered to be a master tactician.

Tactician and Manipulator Edit

Aisa has a very high IQ level. Due to this she was considered as one of the smartest people living in the Land of Fire. She has the ability to come up with strategies very quickly and can access a situation and come up with the most strategically sound course of action. She can read an enemy’s movements and techniques and come up with a weakness or a way to counter their attack. Being a very crafty and cunning person, she is able to deceive and manipulate others around them in multiple ways. She has a great talent for analyzing and observing everything in her presence, allowing her to quickly understand a person's pattern of thinking so as to better manipulate them.

Genjutsu Edit

Aisa is a skilled genjutsu practitioner using techniques such as the Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique with ease. She is known to employ genjutsu techniques in layers so that even if her victim breaks out of one illusion they are still under another one.

Nature Transformation Edit

Aisa has shown great mastery of her natural affinity towards earth chakra, and is capable of using several high-level earth-based jutsu without hand seals. She can use earth chakra to create walls as a means of defence as well as use it for attack purposes. She also creates clones of herself using the Earth Clone technique.

Stats Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Give a man a fire, and he's warm for a day, set fire to him, and he's warm for the rest of his life."
  • "Greed is for Amateurs. Disorder, chaos, anarchy, now that's fun!"

Trivia Edit

  • Aisa is the first female ninja character created by me.
  • Aisa's least favourite word is "friendship" (友情, Yūjō).
  • According to the Naruto databook:
    • Aisa's hobbies are reading, singing and hunting.
    • Aisa has completed 222 official missions in total: 123 D-rank, 43 C-rank 21 B-rank, 22 A-rank, 13 S-rank.

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