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Aiza Kagehoko, (影歩行愛無, Kagehoko Aiza) is a member, and current leader of the Kagehoko Clan. He is widely considered to be the strongest of his family, possessing great skill in the Shadow Arts, as well as other skills.


Aiza bears the most basic appearance of his clan. Tall, fair-skinned with light blonde hair, and trademark red eyes. He often wears a black kimono, with normal shinobi sandals and ninja utility belt. His hair is of medium length, to his ears, and his belt consists of two pouches at his lower back, and twin holsters on both legs.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Aiza is a very calm, andlevel-headed individual most of the time. He has a stoic nature, and takes to making calm and comfortable moves from camp to camp. He will not hesitate to help members of his clan, whether struggling with the move, or in real danger. He is fair, and just in his decisions, and tries to do what is best for all of the clan.

However, he is not without a tougher side. Aiza is known to be fierce in combat, especially against a foe who would threaten the welfare of his family. Quick and efficient, Aiza utilizes his skills to dispatch enemies with precise ease. Despite the power he possesses, he makes it a point to try and not kill nor fatally wound an opponent if at all possible.

Aiza loves sweet foods, such as pastries and whatnot, but despises anything bitter tasting, or salty. His favored drink is Spiced Cider, while his least favorite is any tea that has no added sweetner to it. He isn't very fond of foolhardiness when situations are serious, but overall enjoys relaxing when the moments are appropriate.


Early HistoryEdit

Aiza was born to Muramasa and Yume Kagehoko, when they were camped near Kusagakure. His early life was filled with childhood playing with other children within the clan. However, as he reaced the age of 10, he went into the Kagehoko Training Brigade, and began his studies to become a Shinobi of his clan. At the age of 12, he graduated and became a clan Genin, where he began private training with his father, Muramasa. In just one years time, he took the Challenge of the Clan, set up by his father, and passed, becoming a Chunin with relative ease.

Four years later, he was forced to kill his own father, who became a spy for Sunagakure, and a traitor. This hardship earned him the rank of Jonin, and leadership of the clan, superceding his own sister, Shika Kagehoko.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shadow ArtsEdit

Aiza is immensely skilled in the use of his clans Hidenjutsu. With it, he is able to formulate spiked chains, usually from his own shadow, or from other shadows around him. He also can create walls made of his shadow chakra which provide a practical defense for most things. Amongst his arsenal, is his signiture skill, the Shadow Art Secret Technique: Black Dream Mirrors, a technique developed by himself. Similar to the Demonic Crystal Ice Mirrors, The technique allows Aiza to move withith "shadow mirrors" to attack his opponent from all sides.

Nature ManipulationEdit

  • Raiton (Lightning Release): Aiza's Nature Affinity is Lightning, which is great for middle to long range attacks. Curiously, the techniques performed by Aiza which are original, are named after divine entities, or aspects of heaven, despite his shadow-like theme.
  • Doton (Earth Release): Aiza's secondary nature, he uses it primarily to suit defensive needs. Most of his techniques are walls of some kind, or barricades, although he has some diversion and escape tactics as well.
  • Specialty: Aiza can add his Shadow Chakra too his Nature Manipulation, giving them higher states of power, and defense capabilities. This act gives his techniques not only a blackened color, but more twisted and sinister shapes.


Aiza's secondary skill is Genjutsu, being able to create powerful illusions. Unlike most apparitions which require eye contact, Aiza can cast Genjutsu through Shadow Chakra, via a natural shadow his opponent may be standing upon or within. His illusions generally involve absolute darkness, effigies of fear, and/or false imagery. Aiza is known for using dopplegangers of varying kinds in combat.


Aiza carries some basic skill in Sealing Technniques, though not nearly as much as his older sister. He is able to seal off any cursed marks, and seal various weapons into scrolls. Outside of that, his skills are minimal, his knowledge remaining in the basics.


  • In more technical terms, Aiza is an "Anti-Hero". Someone who is not a villain, but isn't good in nature.
  • Despite the shadow-theme behind his build, nearly all of his Raiton techniques are named after divine beings, or aspects of heaven, contradicting his dark character.
  • His Doton Techniques, however, take naming from simply that. Their namesakes are affinitive to the land.
  • His Shadow Techniques connotate the underworld, though not generally "Hell". They are named to convey a dark, and painful place for the wicked.