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Red Tongue
Name Red Tongue
Kanji 赤舌
Rank A
Range Mid to Long-range
Other Jutsu

An extremely powerful lightning elemental technique created by Reika Masamune. This technique involves creating a creature entirely made up of lightning by directly drawing power from the thunder clouds above the sky and controlling it with chakra. Reika at first raises her blade to the heavens and then uses the Fangs of Lightning technique to summon the necessary power and shapes the lighting using her own chakra into the form of a demonic lightning creature with visible teeth and large claw like hands. This allows him to channel the lightning down on her target. Because she is merely channelling the naturally created lightning, she is able to use a power greater than what a ninja could create with their own elemental chakra. Because this is also natural lightning, it will travel more quickly than any ninja could dodge. Reika calls down from the sky a large mass of lightning that does extensive damage to the surrounding and anyone in its path and because it uses natural lightning, the technique requires very little amount of chakra.

Reika can also create a much smaller version of the technique by drawing in less power from the thunder clouds than she usually would, this decrease the power of the technique but in doing so allows her to use it several times in small amounts. The creature appears much smaller when used in this way. Because it requires open access to the sky, Akashita cannot be used underground and due to its destructive properties it is best not used in a crowded area since anyone within the vicinity will be affected by it.

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