The Meeting Edit

Within the Land Of Water Xerxes Takaraku was sitting under a tree while counting the number of feathers he had collected so far "Hmmm it seems like quite a high number i might need to get a new book at this rate" Xerxes then got up and went into a small town, He entered a bar and had a drink of green tea while sitting on a tableand relaxing "This reminds me of my times when i was younger" He mumbled to himself.

Just arriving in a small village just out side the land of Water's boarder Takuma takes out a small photo of a normal looking guy with a scar on his right eye and looking down at it he says "how the hell do i find a normal looking guy like this in the land of Water with no idea where to look first? I'll never under stand why the group wants me to find him." Just then looking up from the photo he sees a man walk into a bar and this made Takuma think he needed a drink of water. Looking around for the bar tender Takuma walk over to him and put the photo on the bar and says "you know were i can find this guy?" just then the bar feel silent like they could feel something was about to happen and everyone start to move out of the bar quickly leaving only the bar tender, Takuma, and a single guy drinking something.

The bar tender seemed a bit frightened and simply didnt answer Takuma but pointed at Xerxes who was sitting on a table drinking a cup of green tea, Xerxes looked at Takuma there was an silent moment within the bar, Xerxes who was a bit confused about why the bar tender pointed at him but then had a thought, He stood up and looked at Takuma "Are you by any chance a Hunter-nin sent here to try and arrest me? If yes i assure you i done no crime at all" Said Xerxes while he was holding his cane in his right hand.

Turning around to face Xerxes Takuma says "Its your lucky day i"m not in a bad mood and I found you faster then i thought even possible. My name is Takuma. I'm no simple Hunter nin. But I am here to ask you to come with me to the akatsuki. just say yes and we can be on are way." happy to get all that over Takuma really only wanted to get out of the land of water before anyone notice he was there seeing as he has a 6 billion ryo bounty on his head in this land.

Xerxes didnt reply for a while he simply apeared to think for himself about the situation, At the end he came to a solution he looked at Takuma with a serious look and answered "I have no real interest in the Akatsuki so i will have to say no to that but thank you for the offer anywho" Xerxes smiled to Takuma after answering him.

Abruptly stopping what he was about to do Takuma takes a short breath and says "OK then if your not willing to go with me without a fuss then I will challenge you to combat. If i win you have to join the Akatsuki if you win I leave you alone and i give you one of my prized golden spears what you say is it a deal?" hoping that this moron would agree Takuma would hold nothing back and attack head on winning this match with ease. clenching his hand into a fist Takuma hardens his blood in his right fist hidden by his gauntlet and ready himself for for a quick win.

After hearing Takuma's deal Xerxes thought for a while and then came to an answer "Very well then its a deal now then let us fight" The two were preparing to fight both of them willing to win but before they could begin a sounds of screaming was heard coming, Ikab Ikazama entered the bar gasping for air and holding onto the door, He slightly took off his blue mask and cleaned the sweat from his forhead he looked around seeing everyone being silenced "Ikab? What are you doing here?" Xerxes asked Ikab, Ikab looked at Xerxes and stood up of joy "Xerxes is it really you? How long has it been five, four, nine years? Whats going on?" Ikab looked around seeing that he interupted the beginning of the fight between Takuma and Xerxes

Freezing in place for this split moment Takuma is staring at this moron that had just ran into the bar for no reason looking at his bright blue mask thinking to himself "what moron would wear a bright blue mask like that?" unable to really think for his moment Takuma simply watches this person talk with Xerxes.

"So am i interupting something here?" Ikab asked Xerxes as he grabbed a cup of water that was next to the table Xerxes was sitting on "Well if you want to know then yes your currently interupting our not yet have began battle, Which he apparantly declared that if he wins i join the Akatsuki and if i win he leaves me alone which hopefully so will you" Ikab stood in his place looking at Takuma then at Xerxes "Akatsuki huh? Well i always knew you had what it takes to be an Akatsuki after all your inhuman hahaha.........Im so jealous at you right now" Ikab put down the cup of water he was drinking of and walked infront of Takuma "Dont hurt yourself hehehe.....Ha im so jealous"

Takuma thinks about replying but refuses to even acknowledge this odd little person with a bright blue mask looking back at him through his black glasses. Thinking it maybe better just to kill this guy in blue and hang his body in the town square to show off to the village what he can do or leave him alone Takuma just silently watches this odd little person increasingly giving off more killing intent with each second that he was in his way.

Ikab sighed then walked to the middle of the two, He then looked through the bars window and waved goodbye to Xerxes "Well thats my time gotta go or ill die" Ikab quickly ran away through the bars back door quickly after him there were many villagers chasing him, They all passed through the bar, Xerxes looked at Takuma "I am terribly sorry about that but my friend Ikab is an idiot is all"

Raising an his eye Takuma says "Um ok whatever I just want to fight so I can drag you back with me and get out of this heat." Getting a little annoyed Takuma takes his straw hat and yellow cloak off and throws it behind the bar keeps counter. then turning back to Xerxes he says "ok ready when you are." With that said Takuma readies himself for Xerxes first attack.

Xerxes walks infront of the table he was sitting on and pointed his cane at Takuma "Well lets make this nice and clean since these were just cleaned and i dont want them dirty again" Xerxes slowly began to walk towards Takuma then suddenly appearing behind him swinging his cane at Takuma.

Not really impress by Xerxes skill with a cane or his high speed moments Takuma simply crouches and avoids the Cane swing and places his left hand on the floor of the bar and says "Summon:Iron Powder!" From out side the area looks calm and peaceful but in an instant several large Iron Spikes grow out of each window and a single large spike is also jutting through the building roof. Have been formed out of the summoned Iron powder from within the bar these large spikes are all thats holding up the building. Standing on top the large spike construct protruding from the roof Takuma looks around below for any hint of Xerxes exit point."Crap if i just killed that guy the others will kill me for failing on the mission I really should have held back a lot more."

"Yes indeed you should have this is my favorite bar in town and you just had to stab it didnt you" Looking behind him Takuma saw Xerxes standing holding his cane calmly with a slightly angered look "Now that i think of it this infact is the only bar in town but its still the best one i know" Xerxes held his cane from both sides with both his hands and started to take of the sheath revealing the sharp blade of his prepared cane "Also its been a while since i fought a person with this much destructive power i think im gonna enjoy this" Xerxes run towards Takuma preparing to strike him but stop in the middle and jumped over Takuma landing behind him quickly swinging his blade once more but this time towards Takuma's head

Seeing all Xerxes flashy moves and his unoriginal attack aimed for his head Takuma can see that this person was only using sword base skills in an attempt to force him to us up all his own chakra but something Xerxes could not know was when he used his Iron Sand from before in the Bar he had also managed to activate a strong Magnetic field around his body making him into a highly conductive Magnet allowing Takuma to now use his unique magnet ninja tools. Jumping back out of range of the blade landing on the street out front the of the bar Takuma reaches behind his back and pulls out a Shuriken then placing it on his index finger Takuma smirks as the Shuriken starts to spin on creating a large buzzing sound then as the ninja tool is spinning Takuma adds his chakra flow to the weapon turning the Shuriken into a lightning buzz saw the size and shape of a Fuuma Shuriken. Happy with the size Takuma throws the spinning weapon of death at its target, Xerxes.

Xerxes looks at the lightning charged shuriken heading towards him and knows he cant block it with a mere sword as for that he quickly uses his Ice Release: Protective Ice Dome, Once the shuriken came in contact with the ice dome it easily pierced through it having nothing else stopping its way to reach Xerxes, Xerxes quickly prepared to block the shuriken yet once it hit the shuriken easily sliced through the sword and Xerxes as well, Xerxes' was sliced by the head but no blood came out of his wound nor did water thus revealing it to be an ice clone, The ice clone shattered to small pieces and so did the cane also revealed to be ice "Hmmm you have quite some talent with your Ninjutsu perhaps i should have focused on it more" Xerxes' voice was heard "Oh maybe i should let you know im in camouflage now so i guess you have to find me a little game of hide and seek i suppose reminds me of the old times"

Takuma lets out a small smirk and comments "So you think you can hid? Then you have no idea who your fighting let me show you what I can do with people that like to hid from me." putting his left finger on the ground Takuma says "summon Iron Powder" and a very small amount of Iron Powder is release on the ground in the shape of a small baseball. Then Taking advantage of Xerxes strong Magnetic Field again Takuma breaks apart the ball of Iron and lets it float over the area then by magnetizing the Iron so it would be attracted by Xerxes the iron harmlessly attaches itself to Xerxes's body giving a basic outline of his body even with his camouflage. Watching Xerxes with all the Iron on his body Takuma says "Are you ready just to give up its clear I can beat you in anything you know how to do."

Xerxes took a deep breath and unsheathed his real prepared cane "Youngesters these days they sure are different as well as older" Xerxes removed his camouflage and started to walk towards Takuma he then suddenly ran into him in blinding speed reaching Takuma quickly he put his hands on the ground saying "Certain-Kill Ice Spears" Releasing large ice made spikes onto Takuma within a large angle hardly leaving any possible way to escape.

Taken by surprises by Xerxes impressive speed Takuma has little time to react to defend himself from this near point blank attack. The explosion of the massive formation of Ice spikes destroyed the area and sends out a large amount of dust and clouds out around the area. Then from the fare left of the smoke and dust clouds around the ice jutsu Takuma can be seen leaping away landing on his right knee only 10 feet away from the Ice jutsu. Standing to his feet Takuma shows that his chest has been badly injured by one of the many spikes he had nearly avoided. As Takuma slowly takes off his vest and gauntlets he starts to talk to Xerxes "SO you been holding a lot back on me its not an easy thing to injure my body So out of respect before I take you back to the Akatsuki I'll show you my most powerful technique" Taking a small seal tag out of his vest Takuma summons a A regular katana As Takuma removes the blade from its sheathe he says "break apart and scatter" This triggers a large mount of Iron and Sand poring out of the seals on his hands break apart the blade on the Katana and spread across the area in the form of a several large branches of slender blade all continually moving around him in a cloud of blades. Holding the hilt to his chest Takuma Watches as the blades form four rows surrounding Xerxes and himself. These rows float just above the other, and circle around Takuma and his opponent in a continuously moving, column-like array. the shear size and number of blades cuts off all exits for Xerxes.

Xerxes surprised about the number of blades around looks at them one at a time counting each one of them then looking at Takuma "Impressive indeed more than a 100 blades are blocking my exits quite a smart move blocking them away but tell me how bad is that injury on your chest" Xerxes points at Takuma's injury on his chest with his sword, He then begins to slowly walk towards him performing several hand seals while walking "If you want an all out battle then i have nothing against that" Finishing his hand seals Xerxes quickly runs at Takuma preparing to use Ice Prison Technique on him "Let us fight with our complete power" Xerxes said before preparing to use the Ice Prison on Takuma.

Iron Vs. Ice Edit

With his casual smirk Takuma says "this injury on my chest is nothing but a scratch. But you'll have plenty wounds very soon." swinging the hilt as if to attack something in front of him a line of 15 blades form in the same path that the hilt had been swung. Then with out warning each blade all fly at Xerxes. But as each blade gets within range of Xerxes the blades all break apart and turn into thousands of much smaller and slender blades trapping Xerxes in a cloud of almost dust like blades. Trapping Xerxes in this cloud of blades Takuma says "that skill is only an example of what i can do should I break apart all my blades and do the same thing so i can reduce you to dust?"

Xerxes quickly stopped charging towards Takuma and focused on the cloud of blades, He performed the hand seals Tiger Boar and Dog saying "Ice Release: Tearing Dragon Fierce Tiger" Creating a giant tiger made from ice and sending it towards the cloud of blades, Yet Xerxes had quickly got next to the Ice Tiger's "tail" waiting for it to reach the cloud "Now then freeze" Xerxes put his hand on the "tail" of the Ice Tiger once it reached the cloud of blades causing the Ice Tiger to freeze in its place and freeze whats around it in ice, Yet it didnt freeze the entire cloud as some blades still reached and wounded Xerxes in some parts of his body "A little pain wont hurt after all you know what they say no pain no game" Xerxes' left arm was injured the most as it got hit by most of the blades because he used it to create a small shield of ice that protected him mostly

Watching all this happen in slow motion Takuma smirks "he has no idea that attack was only to activate a more powerful magnetic feild around his body now nothing i do will miss its target its time to finish this. I'm running low on chakra maybe i should break out one last attack then stop showing off." Takuma Thins to himself. raising the sword hilt over head Takuma says "its time for the finishing move meet my final skill....oblivion|!" Breaking apart all the blades forming the walls into a swirling Massive dust cloud made of blades takuma smiles as he brings the hilt down in a single slash all the dust blades all target Xerxes thanks to his Magnetic Field around his body. Watching closely Takuma brings the hilt up to his chest again and all the dust drops to the ground motionless. Looking at the Iron prowder and gold all over the area Takuma says "crap i"m all out of chakra to bad it was fun I hope hes still alive."

Xerxes shielded himself with Ice Release: Protective Ice Dome protecting him from most of the blades yet wounding him a little, He started walking towards Takuma and stopped when he was a little close to him "Your out of chakra and so am i" Xerxes was gasping for air and then stopped smiling to Takuma "I think i started to like you Takuma perhaps it wouldnt be all bad joinning the Akatsuki hahahahaha i've changed my mind ill join the Akatsuki if i get to be your partner deal?"

Thinking for a moment back on his orders to retrieve Xerxes and watch over him tell he achieves full senior rank. Takuma says "Well if that's your choice its ok with me partner. But If your my partner you'll need something better then that cane blade of yours." focusing on his last reserves of chakra left in his body Takuma gathers all the Gold dust from the massive release of his Senkai technique and molded it into a single form, a golden black Trident. handing the trident to Xerxes Takuma says "take this whenever your around me its magnetic feild will activate and allow you to throw it at anyone with an equlay strong feild around them similar to what i was doing to you with my iron jutsus. oh and its a perfect way to get cash if your in a bind pure gold can be sold to the highest bidders."

As Xerxes examined the gold trident he looked at Takuma with a smile "Thats a nice thing for you to give me here too bad i cant do the same to you hahaha.......Wait did you insult my cane" Xerxes for a moment removed his smile and looked serious for a moment but then relaxed, He sheathed his prepared cane and held it in both of his hands using it for walking "Now then lets go to the rest of the group im excited to join them"

Smirking Takuma starts walking off down the same road he had used to get to the town before and says "Canes are for old men use the trident its a symbol of pride and honor. If your so willing to meet the others come with me its going to be a long walk back to HQ." Looking back at his partner the newest member of the Akatsuki and says "I hope your ready for a wild ride the group is nothing like the original Akatsuki that started the fourth shinobi wars." with his last words takuma and his partner Xerxes both continue walking on the long dirt road to a unknown destination.

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