Akumu family symbol.

The Akumu Clan (悪夢クラン, Nightmare Clan) is a clan that originates from Kumogakure, though it has two branch families located in Amegakure, Kusagakure, and Taifugakure. The Akumu Clan is hailed as one of the strongest clans in all of the Land of Lightning because of the Clan's Kekkei Genkai, the Dark Release. Though it is extremely rare for members to obtain the Kekkei Genkai, they are exceptionally powerful as it is. The Akumu's enemy is the Yotsuki Clan.

History Edit

The Akumu Clan came into existence during the early days of the Village System. When Kumogakure was founded, a few members of the Yotsuki Clan felt that they were mistreated. This caused those few members to defect and start a new clan. Since then, the Yotsuki has been a rival to the Akumu. Though the Clan's Kekkei Genkai was discovered while it was still just the Yotsuki, the only members that had the Dark Release were ones that defected. Since then, the Yotsuki have not born any Dark Release users. For years, the Yotsuki and the Akumu have been competing for the title of Raikage.

Reign of Yotsuki Edit

After A, a powerful Yotsuki, was selected to become the Fourth Raikage, the Yotsuki gained control of Kumogakure. The Yotsuki, tired of competing for Raikage, decided to massacre the entire Akumu Clan. The were unsuccessful, as the clan had three Dark Release users. Since then, they have tried five other times, all being unsuccessful until the fifth try. That time, the Yotsuki managed to kill seven members, leaving only two left, Koutetsu Akumu and and unknown member. Since then, they have populated again, this time having more members.

Kekkei Genkai Edit

Dark Release Edit

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The Dark Release (冥遁, Meiton) is a Kekkei Genkai passed down within the Akumu Clan and formerly the Yotsuki Clan that allows the user to absorb, manipulate, and release chakra taken from opponents. If a member has this Kekkei Genkai, then they will have a red diamond overlapped by a smaller black diamond on both of their hands. Unlike most Advanced Chakra Natures, this Release is not a combination of two or more elements.

Location Edit

The most notable location of the Akumu Clan is Amegakure. The reason for this is because the Akumu Shrine is located in the center of the village. It is heavily guarded by four exceptionally talented Akumu Clan Members, even by the standards of the Akumu Clan. The most notable one is Koutetsu Akumu. He is an Akumu Clan Member that originated from Kumogakure, but traveled to Amegakure because the Raikage issued a bounty for his death.

The most unlived in location is Kusagakure. It is rarely seen to have Akumu Clan Members because the Akumu Clan, doesn't usually travel into insecure village, one of which being Kusagakure.

Member List Edit

  • First Akumu Founder
  • Koutetsu Akumu Guardian of the Akumu Shrine
  • Akumu Patriarch (Deceased)
  • Joketsu Akumu Member of Vendetta
  • Many others in Amegakure and Kusagakure