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Alloy Release
Alloy Release
Name Alloy Release
Kanji 合金遁
Other Jutsu

The Alloy Release is a Kekkei Genkai that bears striking similarities to the Steel Release in that one of it's uses involves bending the users chakra into a physical shape around their body in order to enhance their own physical characteristics. Despite the similarities the Alloy Release is deemed superior due to its additional uses, it may also be used to alter the environment around the user, to strengthen other shinobi/objects by coating them in the same Alloy as the user, or even to kill/impair a shinobi by solidifying their organs. A user of the Alloy Release employs their chakra to manipulate the molecular structure of either their body, an opponent's body, or objects in order to give them the specific properties of a certain molecular make-up. A skillful user is able to "remember" the exact molecular makeup of any metal they have ever touched and replicate it flawlessly in order to bring about the aforementioned changes. The metals that are created through this process replicate the strength of the originals perfectly. An Alloy Release user may also rearrange the molecular structure of the metals that they create, leading to the creation of alloys that can serve specific purposes such as swords that has increased cutting power, shields that cause attacks to literally bounce off, and alloys that have the strength of diamonds. The user is only able to manipulate the objects that they or their existing alloys are in direct contact with. This is presumed to be the Kekkei Genkai of the now near-extinct Maitake Clan due to Heishiro Maitake being the only known user and the last known member of the Maitake Clan.

Known TechniquesEdit

  • Alloy Release: Rising Pillar: A technique that causes pillars crafted from the users alloy to burst forth from the ground, or any other surface that the user or the user's alloy is in contact with.
  • Alloy Release: Manipulation- A technique that allows the manipulation of the molecular structure of any object or living being of the user's choice by infusing them with their alloy to either kill or increase the defensive/offensive capabilities of the chosen subject.

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