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Alloy Release: Manipulation
Name Alloy Release: Manipulation
Classification Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Rank B
Range Short
Other Jutsu

The user employs their Alloy Release in order to infuse their alloy into an ordinary object, a person, the environment, or even a weapon to alter their molecular build to mirror that of one of their alloys effectively changing things such as stick into a stick shaped sword or pole, a string into a razor sharp garrotte wire, or a granting a body of steel to a defenseless nin. A skillful user is able to not only enhance but to also diminish the usefulness of items through the use of this technique, performing feats such as altering the build of flawlessly crafted swords in order to make them into dull and brittle blades. This technique allows the user to kill an opponent by hardening their organs with their alloys or injecting their alloys into the bloodstream of a target in order to damage their heart, yet this takes considerably longer to perform than lesser complicated manipulations and may only be enacted by the user coming into direct contact with the target for an extended period of time. As with all Alloy Release techniques, either the user or the user's alloy is required to be in direct contact with the target in order to alter the molecular structure and bring about any changes.

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