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Alloy Release: Rising Pillar
Maitake Steel
Name Alloy Release: Rising Pillar
Classification Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Rank B
Range Short, Mid
Other Jutsu

A technique that causes pillars crafted from the users alloy to burst forth from the ground, or any other surface that the user or the user's alloy is in contact with.

The user makes use of their Alloy Release to create a pillar crafted from their alloys to emerge from any solid surface that they or their alloys are in contact with. A skillful user is able to use this technique as a form of transportation, defense, offense, or even an effective way to channel or deflect lightning-based techniques. Minimal chakra is needed to form these pillars but only ten may exist at once, the oldest pillar disappearing as the eleventh appears. The properties of the pillar including density, resistance, form, sharpness, color, and the entire molecular build of the structure are chosen by the user. Every aspect of the pillars are shaped by the user, down to the molecular structure. This amount of control allows the user to create pillars with the strength of diamonds, flawless sharpness, or pillars which cause opponents to literally slide off.

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