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Name Amasentogan
Kanji 天の尖塔眼
Literal English Heaven's Spire Eye

Zenith of Heaven Eye (Viz)

Classification Dōjutsu
Other Jutsu

The Amasentogan (天の尖塔眼; Literally Meaning "Heaven's Spire Eye," Meaning (Viz) "Zenith of Heaven Eye") is the final advancement in the Zentengan. While the Zentengan was awakened through conflict of the heart and denial of the past, the Amasentogan was awakened through acceptance and peace of the heart (An example represented by fusing appearances of Jingū's two eyes, as well as a change in color from blue to light gray). As the apex of the Zentengan's ability, the Amasentogan enhances the abilities of the Zentengan beyond their previous stage.

Jingū's AmasentoganEdit

Jingū's Amasentogan is unique because it visualizes anything within a single vector factor of the user, within 320 degrees of visual sensory. This form of insight is limited by the fact that it can only see within a single vector factor, meaning that other objects can still obscure its sight and there is a 40 degree blindspot, located directly behind the user. The eyes' sight is thus drastically less piercing than dojutsu like the Sharingan or Byakugan.


Kanchikishihai (センサー制御; Literally Meaning "Sensor Control") is the ability that is present in Jingū's second-level Zentengan, and is the advancement of the Dendoshihai. Kanchikishihai directly enhances the senses, further enhancing reaction time and speed, perception and field of vision to the point where the user can see within a single vector factor of himself within a 320 degree field of visual sensory. Like the Dendoshihai, it is limited by its strain on chakra reserves and can drain the user dry in a period as short three minutes. As well, overuse of the technique can cause a secondary adverse effect on the user: an immediate strain on the wielder's senses, causing them to temporarily deteriate.


While the Amasentogan grants higher attributal capabilities than a Zentengan, it still holds onto certain constraints. The perceptive capability of the Amasentogan is 300 degrees, leaving a wide blindspot around the user's back. As well, unlike dojutsu like the Sharingan or Byakugan, it only visualizes within one vector factor of the user, that is within its 300 degrees of visual sensory. In otherwords, objects can still obstruct the user's vision. As well, while a skilled user of the Amasentogan can extend the time he has to utilize Kanchikishihai, it is still subject to minute usage. Attempt at pushing use of this ability causes adverse tendencies on the wielder, such that their senses, which were boosted earlier, become dulled. Continual strain of the ability after the drawback has taken effect, may even end up causing permanent sensory damage (ex. blindness, deafness, numbness, etc.).