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Nature Icon Smoke and Ash Ash Release
Name Nature Icon Smoke and Ash Ash Release
Kanji 灰 遁
Other Nature Icon Smoke and Ash Ash Style
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Ash Release (灰遁, Haiton) is one of the two kekkei genkai common amongst the Nagakura clan of Kirigakure. The natures comprising the ash release style are fire and earth. With it the user becomes fit to control super-heated ash in a number of ways, with many likening it to the sand of Shukaku and its former Jinchūriki.

History Edit

According to Rosuto Nagakura the use of Ash Release dates back to the clans early formation. Those who formed the Nagakura line could, on at least some scale, utilize ash amongst their jutsu. Their techniques also couldn't be replicated through use of the Sharingan. It was this -- coupled with the similar Smoke Release -- that made others covet the ability.

Numerous attempts where made to replicate the ash style though only one nation seems to have been mildly successful. Using fire release Konohagakure created the Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning, though this pales in comparison to the actual style itself. Ninja such as Asuma Sarutobi, his cousin Shigeru and Konohamaru Sarutobi are but a few who have utilized the jutsu.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Due to the great similarities between the ash release style and the canon jutsu known as Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning, the author, is including that jutsu as an attempt on Konoha's part to replicate the ash release style through other means.

Trivia Edit

  • The ash release as a style was originally portrayed by Fenix. When I first arrived on the old Naruto wiki I asked one of the admins if Ash Release as a Kekkei Genkai was in use by anyone. It was and Fenix gave me permission to use it and expand it for my stories.

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