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Nature Icon Smoke and Ash Ash Release: Firefly
Name Nature Icon Smoke and Ash Ash Release: Firefly
Kanji 灰遁ホタル
Rank C-rank
Range Short
Other Jutsu

An offensive C-rank ninjutsu usable by the Nagakura clan. While seemingly useless while outside the targets bodies, its true use is seen when the ash is inhaled, eventually entering their bloodstream and traveling to the heart. Once the ash reaches the heart this jutsu cripples a foe from within through the use of detonation; making it a two-part technique. However, while powerful, the inhaled ash needs to be rather sizable in quantity to prove fatal with a single detonation; otherwise the damage may not be as advanced as one would think, though any internal damage to ones target serves a major tactical advantage. The major downside of the jutsu is that it can also be avoided simply by covering your mouth and nose, though some degree of foreknowledge is required to avoid it completely. This makes individuals who wear face masks largely immune to its effects.

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