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Name Asteria
Kanji 星彩石
Other Antithesis of Yin (陰の反対側)
Classification Supplementary
Range All Ranges
Other Jutsu

Asteria(星彩石, Of the Stars) is the name granted to the exceptionally unique ability gained by members of the Shinja Clan upon activating the Transcendent Daijagan. It is the ability to create and manipulate entities called Kana(空穴, Holes; Voids) through the deletion of matter(albeit, primarily on an extremely minute scale).

Overview Edit

The technique functions as the perfect antithesis to what is defined as Yin Release, as it "removes form from creation and returns it to nothingness."; and the resulting Kana are utilized in a myriad of methods depending upon the personal preferences of the Shinja using them. In terms of appearance, the Kana are generally formless, typically so minute that the naked eye cannot even perceive them. Despite their creation occuring through the deletion of matter(deletion of matter referring to the reverting of matter into the form of raw energies), such as the surrounding oxygen particles, their most common application is the trapping of chakra for later usage(as energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed). This implies that the Kana are not, in fact, blackholesque entities hellbent on rending all creation to nonexistence, but are instead openings to a massive pocket dimension spontaneously crafted upon the activation of the Kyoufushou Daijagan. However, unlike the pocket dimensions commonly affiliated with Jikukan Ninjutsu, matter is typically obliterated upon entering unless the Shinja wills it not to.

Limitations Edit

The most obvious of the technique's limitations is the energy strain cast upion the user, as the amount of matter deleted in order to utilize the technique is directly proportional to the amount of chakra it will cost to utilize the ability; a prime example being a chunin-level shinobi's maximum Kana would be the size of a doorway at most if all chakra to the point of near-death was dedicated, while a tokujo would typically dedicate approximately 33% of their reserves to complete the same task. Second, the amount of time and concentration required to utilize the technique are enormous. For example, in order to delete an incoming kunai would require at least three seconds of stationary focus; which any combatant knows every second counts. Next, because energy cannot fall victim to the deletion, the elements of fire and lightning are practically immune to the Kana's effects; though the vacuum could snuff out the flames. Lastly, it is implied that the pocket dimensions, entities dubbed Ryōiki(領域, Realms) have a maximum capacity, though it is an unconfirmed amount and to reach it would be a feat in itself.

Applications Edit

Despite its many limitations, Asteria is extremely useful when applied during reconnaisance and stealth missions; as their opening is silent and near undetectable. Second, the user can open a Kana anywhere within a certain radius; at maximum, forty-five yards at the hands of a capable Jounin. In addition, a Shinja can will a Kana to admit and omit certain types of matter, making it a perfect device for storing sensitive materials. Lastly. Asteria's key purpose lies within its interactions with raw energy, as captured energies can be harnessed and leaked later on for a boost upon the field of battle and so on.

Gallery Edit

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