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Astral Projection Technique
Name Astral Projection Technique
Kanji 幽体離脱
Range All ranges
Other Jutsu

A technique that allows the user to leave their own body and travel to another plane of existence, more specifically the astral plane or also known as the world of the dead. The user is able to use this ability to their advantage as they are capable of traveling miles and miles away without being restricted by the laws of the physical world. Although the technique has its advantages such as for spying and infiltration but there are also downsides to the technique, the major problem with the jutsu is that the users body physical body is left behind which means it is venerable to attack. If an enemy by chance is able to find the uninhabited body then they are left at the mercy of the enemy, if the users physical body is destroyed then they won’t be able to return to the real world, as such they die. The user's physical body must be hidden away at a safe location when the jutsu is being used, some users tend to put a barrier seal around their body in order to protect it from attack.

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