Bara Urakaze
Bara Urakaze
Personal Status
Birthdate November 5
Age 30
Height 193 cm (6'4")
Weight 104 kg (230 Ibs)
Blood Type A
Kumogakure Symbol
Home Country
Land of Lightning Symbol
Land of Lightning
Affiliation Himself
Previous Occupation Head Ninja
Partner Tetsuya Miura
Family Shigeo Urakaze (Younger Brother, Deceased)
Jōnin Symbol
Classification Missing-nin
Ninja Registration 720678
Academy Grad. Age 9
Chūnin Prom. Age 12
Jōnin Prom. Age 16
Nature Type
100px-Nature Icon Lightning.svg
100px-Nature Icon Wind.svg


Jutsu Wind Release: Divine Wind

Lightning Beast Running Technique

Lightning Release Shadow Clone

Shadow Clone Technique

Dynamic Entry

Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere

Wind Release: Twister Shot

Summoning Technique (Cheetah)

Weapons Sword

Bara Urakaze (浦風薔薇, Urakaze Bara) is a missing-nin formerly of Kumogakure. During his time with the village he was a very influential ninja and held the rank of Head Ninja. He was also well known for his great nature transformation abilities as he maintained control of the lightning and wind chakra natures. Due to his merciless fighting style he was given the moniker The First Menace from the Hidden Cloud (雲隠れの第脅威, Kumogakure no dai kyōi) outside of Kumogakure while his younger brother, Shigeo Urakaze, was known as the second.


Bara's General Appearance

Bara's general appearance.

Bara is a tall man standing at around six feet and four inches with an extremely muscular body build. He has spiky blonde hair with sharp bluish grey eyes. Bara's appearance is somewhat menacing because he is so huge. He easily attracts attention from those around him and often strikes fear in those who know they are weaker than him. Nevertheless Bara's grusome appearance doesn't match his personality to say the least. An unusual feature about Bara is that he has a scar in the form of a lightning bolt across his right eye. The scar itself was obtained while battling his brother Shigeo Urakaze who left the scar as a reminder of their past together.

Bara's usually outfit consists of a striped dress shirt which is black and white in color. He also sports a pair of black pants and brown shoes. Usually draped around his back is a long black coat with white, spiky, fur trimming. When battling he will however change his attire a bit, usually taking off his shirt or coat to reveal his bare chest before engaging his opponents. Bara is also an advent smoker and can be seen at times with a cigar in his mouth.


While his status as a missing-nin would leave many to believe that Bara is of bad nature, this is not the case. At the same time Bara isn't a good guy either. Now that he is unaffiliated Bara generally looks out for nobody but himself or his partner, Tetsuya Miura. He feels he is not obligated to interfer with the affairs of the nations of the world anymore since he has renounced his status within Kumogakure. Outside of battle Bara is very cool, collected, and a level-headed individual. The same cannot be said for in battle situations as once Bara is angered he is extremely difficult to calm down.

Rage fuels Bara during battle. This is mainly because he won't fight without a good reason too. When one gives Bara a reason to fight them he makes sure that they feel his whole entire wrath. Bara has been noted as a merciless combat in his past as he won't hesitate to kill any enemy ninja when given the chance. This is the true reason why he and his brother have been labeled menaces by those outside of Kumogakure.

Despite his serious nature Bara has at times exposed a soft side. The first time he exposed such a side is when he rescued a young Tetsuya Miura from death. Without any second thoughts Bara scooped the boy into his arms and made sure there was no more harm done unto him. This gives reason to believe that Bara's soft spot is directed towards children. This is confirmed when Bara states that he doesn't believe young children should be allowed to become shinobi due to the true harshness of the lifestyle.


As a young child in the ninja academy Bara was remarked as a very bright student and was at the top of his graduating class. It was no surprise that he would graduate and become a stunning shinobi. Besides being a ninja nothing else mattered to Bara more than his family, particularly his younger brother who was the last living relative he had left at the time. Bara's parents were strong Kumogakure ninja who had died during battle when he was very young. Since then Bara had been taking care of his younger brother in the place of their parents.

Throughout their careers as ninja both Bara and his brother Shigeo Urakaze could always be seen fighting side by side with one another. The two brothers were pratically inseparable. They would always train together and go on missions together as a duo. Things promptly changed however as Bara increased in fame and popularity within Kumogakure. He was eventually appointed to the position of Head Ninja by the Raikage which meant that he would have many new duties to face. The partnership between Bara and his brother thus ended as a result.

Not long after Bara's promotion to the rank of Head Ninja of Kumogakure, Bara's brother began to act strangely. The Raikage and other high ranking ninja of Kumogakure began to suspect that Shigeo was committing treason against the village. Due to Bara's elite position he was forced to investigate his brother's actions. Bara and a team of fellow Hidden Cloud ninja tracked Shigeo to a mountain range outside of Kumogakure where they then discovered him conversing with dangerous missing-nin, enemies of the village.

Bara and his team then received an order from Kumogakure to dispose of the traitor of Shigeo. Without any hesitation they followed up on the order and engaged Shigeo and his missing-nin allies. During the course of the batlte Bara discovered that Shigeo was making plans to attack Kumogakure with the missing-nin by his side. Bara, dissapointed in his younger brother, took it upon himself to kill him.

After dispatching his own sibling Bara suffered a nervous breakdown and went into early retirement from his duties as a ninja. His populariaty within Kumogakure began to quickly decline as the residents of the village began to see him as a failure. Unable to cope with the stress Bara cracked and fled from Kumogakure one night and descended to the status of a runaway ninja.

Now that he was no longer affiliated with a ninja village, Bara began to enjoy freedoms that he did not once have. He began to journey across the lands of the ninja world and explore. This was something that he had dreamt of doing since he had graduated from the ninja academy. While traversing the Land of Lightning, Bara came across a young boy in a state of near death. Bara quickly rescued the child and soon found out he was orphaned. Bara then decided to take the boy, Tetsuya Miura, with him on his travels and train him as his own personal student.



Nature TransformationEdit

While in Kumogakure Bara was well known for his ability to gracefully mainpulate the lightning release and the wind release, being able to use high leveled techniques from both chakra natures. For example, he is able to use techniques such as the Wind Release: Divine Wind and Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Running Technique to overcome his opponents.


Being a ninja formerly of Kumogakure where swords appear to be of common usage amongst ninja, Bara has delved himself into the arts of Kenjutsu. While not a master of sword techniques since it isn't his primary fighitng style, Bara has proved himself to be capable of wielding his sword. Due to his large size he is able to fuel attacks with his blade with his great physical strength and perception. He has also been shown to be able to use Chakra Flow to add lightning and wind chakra to his sword to increase effectiveness.

High Chakra LevelsEdit

Being a former Jōnin of Kumogakure and the Head Ninja at that, it is widely speculated that Bara maintains a large amount of chakra manifested within him. While his chakra is no where near the same level as a tailed beast, he still has an admirable amount. Unfortunately the usage of several powerful techniques in a row can quickly drain Bara's storage of chakra.


Being the former Head Ninja of Kumogakure meant that Bara was by the far one of the strongest Jōnin in the village. This also meant that he was the superior to many other shinobi in the village as well. These duties naturally requrie him to be of great intelligence. Also, while in the ninja academy he was said to have the best grades out of any other student in his class. Adding his prior knowledge within the ninja academy with the tons of experience he gained as a shinobi, Bara eventually grew to become a wise combatant.


Due to his large muscular body build and overall fitness. It only makes sense that Bara is a great taijutsu combatant. While he may not be the quickest hand-to-hand combatant, Bara's attacks are known to be very powerful due to the physical strength he has to back them up with. He has even been known to use a simple technique such as Dynamic Entry to injure an opponent, normally using the technique to aim at vital points of an opponent's body to increase effectiveness.


  • Bara's relationships with other characters are somewhat inspired by the relationships between canon characters. His relationship with Tetsuya Miura is loosely based off the relationship that Zabuza had with Haku while his relationship with his brother draws inspiration from A's relationship with Killer B.
  • Bara's appearance is derived from that of Laxus Dreyar from the Fairy Tail series.
  • According to the Naruto databooks:
    • Bara's hobbies are bird watching and meditating.
    • Bara loves to eat sour foods while he detests anything sweet.
    • Bara wishes to fight Tetsuya Miura and the Raikage.
    • Bara has always dreamt of having his own family.
    • Bara's number one dream is to explore the lands surrounding the shinobi continent.
    • Bara's second dream is to write a novel.