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Barrier Kunai
Name Barrier Kunai
User(s) Kakushi Ken

The Barrier Kunai is the only weapon designed and forged by Kakushi Ken that is meant to be used exclusively for defensive purposes. Functioning similarly to Instant-Capture Kunai, these weapons are meant to provide the user with a quick, effective, and surprising defense against all modes of attack. Prior to throwing the blades, the user imbues them with a decent amount of chakra before throwing the blade into an object such as a tree, a wall, or even the ground. Upon impact the rear of the kunai splits into four sections and projects a barrier in the opposite direction, allowing this technique to easily block areas such as halls or paths inside forests. The barrier itself is of a light blue color and any thing, living or dead, that comes into contact with the barrier is deflected; beings that possess chakra signatures that differ even slightly from that of the user receive electrical shocks upon contact with the barrier, these shocks are meant to interfere with the nervous system of the victim in addition to inflicting physical pain. Objects such as kunai, shuriken, rocks, etc. simply bounce off the barrier and have the potential to inflict damage on the user through ricochet. In addition to the visible barrier, the kunai creates a notably weaker but invisible barrier around itself to deter the efforts of those who realize the kunai is the source. This barrier does not cause electrical shocks, it simply makes it impossible to physically grab the kunai and causes some difficulty in attempting to damage the kunai. That being said the barriers erected through the use of this tool are able to be dispersed by those with the ability to absorb chakra and may be shattered by higher powered techniques. The strength of the barrier is entirely dependent upon the amount of chakra the user pushed into the kunai before hand and a barrier may not be erected with a single kunai, pairs or sets must be used. The shape of the barrier is dependent upon the locations of the kunai used to form it and as such is determined by the user before hand, it must be noted that it is impossible to create a spherical barrier but it is possible to create a circular barrier through the use of this tool. As with most barrier techniques, the uses stem past forming defensive barriers and may be used to stop falls, restrict the movement of an opponent, or even completely detain the opponent by enclosing within the barrier.

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