This article, Battōjutsu: Blades of Blood, is the property of Jet.

Battōjutsu: Blades of Blood
Name Battōjutsu: Blades of Blood
Kanji 抜刀術・血の刃
Classification Kinjutsu, Kenjutsu
Rank A-rank
Range Mid, Long
Other Jutsu

A Battōjutsu variant of the Blades of Blood, this technique incorporates the speed and increased potency of battōjutsu to the original technique. After his blade is covered in blood Raizen sheathes it and then draws the blade in a single draw along with a quick swing of the blade to release the attack. The attack is more powerful than the original and is much faster. But there is a drawback, as Raizen has to sheathe his blade to use this attack a lot of blood is lost in the sheathe. So it requires a much greater quantity of blood to execute.

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