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Name Benzaiten
Kanji 弁財天
Personal Status
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 130 lbs
Blood Type AB
Affiliation Konohagakure
Occupation Jōnin Symbol Jōnin
Previous Occupation Chūnin Symbol Chūnin
Team Oniwabanshū
Previous Team Konohagakure Barrier Team
Partner Unknown
Previous Partner None
Rank Tokubetsu Jōnin
Jutsu Lightning Release Shadow Clone
Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar
Lightning Flash Technique
Lightning Release: Wrath
Barrier: Canopy Method Formation
Chakra Sensing Technique

Benzaiten (弁財天, Benzaiten) is a Konohagakure Jōnin and recent addition to the Oniwabanshū. Benzaiten previously served as a member of the Konohagakure Barrier Team (木ノ葉隠れの里結界班, Konohagakure Kekkai-Han) where he served alongside his now deceased brother Agura.

Biography Edit

Early Years Edit

Benzaiten was born to a couple who served as Jōnin and was raised in an environment surrounded by war. It was a young Benzaiten who endured the full might of the Third Great Shinobi World War after the news of his parents death came to him one fateful night. Emotionally distraught, Benzaiten ran away from the village and into the woods, in an attempt to be free from his current life. He detested the thought of returning to a home without his parents and couldn't fathom the thought of living another day without them.

Deep in the woods around Konohagakure, Benzaiten had survived alone in the wilderness for nearly a week. Without food or water, he found himself limping through the deep brush, emerging into a large opening where Iwagakure shinobi were resting. Captured by the brutish-band of shinobi, Benzaiten was tied up and put under heavy Genjutsu. Despite his age, the Iwagakure ninja tried their hardest to squeeze any information they could from the boy.

Broken from the Genjutsu, Benzaiten witnessed for the first time, actual warfare. Konohagakure shinobi attacked the Iwagakure camp and had quite the advantage. Around him, bodies fell into pools of their own blood. Before his virgin eyes, a grown man was severed in two while another was burned alive.

Traumatized beyond belief, the young Benzaiten was discovered by Konohagakure Jōnin during their search of the camp, who quickly brought him to the Konohagakure Hospital. Lying in the bed, Benzaiten swore on his parent's graves that he would become strong for the sake of future generations. Benzaiten wanted to have the strength to prevent bloodshed like he had witnessed and instead yearned for peace between the nations. This was the day Benzaiten decided to become a shinobi.

The Academy Edit

Entering the Academy on his own merit, Benzaiten took up a very calm approach, refusing too show a shred of fear or doubt. Appearing to his fellow classmates as cocky and arrogant, it was only those who got to know Benzaiten that he was simply blocking himself off emotionally from the world.

Even in his first year, Benzaiten excelled far beyond his fellow classmates, proving to be a true example of a "genius" even at the early age of 7. Out of everybody in Benzaiten's class, there was only one other he saw as a rival and openly showed his determination towards. Shisui Uchiha, a genius from the Uchiha Clan who was already on the fast track to graduating yet was the same age as Benzaiten. His skills were unrivaled almost as much as his passion for the "greater good" in the world and this is what Benzaiten respected. From the sidelines, Benzaiten watched as his rival graduated at such a young age and swore that he would meet Shisui again in the field oneday, assuring their future rivalry.

Years passed and Benzaiten would too graduate from the Academy before his fellow classmates, a year earlier to be exact. According to his teacher at the time, it was mostly due to his skillful chakra control and mastery of the basic ninja techniques.

Genin and Chūnin Edit

His Genin years were rather short, although it came with the standard Genin experience. Alongside his fellow squad mates and Jōnin sensei, Benzaiten would perform the missions every new ninja had to. These ranged from standard garden work to collecting fees for the local shops. Benzaiten cared very little that he had to perform such tasks, instead focusing on his personal training and his vows to become strong.

It was during his days as a Genin that Benzaiten developed his unique style of Taijutsu and would become one of his most notable aspects.

By the time the Chūnin Exams rolled by, it was Benzaiten and his squad who entered, although it was only Benzaiten who would emerge as a Chūnin. Much to his dismay, it was during the exams that one of his teammates fell to their injuries. His final words were encouragement for Benzaiten to accomplish his goals of bringing peace, which brought one tearful goodbye from Benzaiten. As a Chūnin, Benzaiten constantly reminded himself of what his allies had sacrificed for him and constantly held their memories together close to his heart.

Era of Darkness Edit

Not to long after his promotion to Chūnin, tragedy struck Konohagakure. News spread through the village like wildfire of the Uchiha-clan member who had committed suicide. Benzaiten's reaction upon learning that the rumors were not only true, but also about Shisui, left him in disbelief. Refusing to accept that the Shisui that he knew from the Academy would never take his own life, he brought his case to the Konoha Military Police Force who displayed similar reactions. One member of the Police Force went as far as to put the blame on one Itachi Uchiha, earning a harsh scolding from another officer.

Benzaiten returned home, where he fell asleep praying for Shisui and calling him "his greatest rival." In such a short amount of time, Benzaiten had lost so much, which left him emotionally crippled which became even more overwhelming following the Massacre of the entire Uchiha Clan

He had constantly worked to bring a new kind of peace to this world, one where no blood would be shed. Heading out into the village, Benzaiten locked eyes with the great monument to the Hokage and headed towards them. Having found peace whenever he sat atop their heads, Benzaiten commended the stonemason for such great work despite him not actually being there.

Emerging from the shadows was the Third Hokage, who took the thank you in honor of the man who carved the faces into the mountainside. Engaging Benzaiten in talk, the Third asked the trouble Chūnin what was getting to him. Explaining his story to the Third, he was shocked to see the Hokage remove his hat and sit beside him.

Turning to Benzaiten, the Third beamed a smile at him and said "It is obvious that the Will of Fire burns inside of you Benzaiten. With the spirit of this villages ancestors, this dream of peace that you have, could indeed become a reality". These words motivated Benzaiten, setting him back on the track to attaining his goals.

Standing Alone Edit

Promoted to the rank of Jōnin, Benzaiten was not placed into a standard Jōnin role but was instead placed into the Konoha Barrier Team where he played a valuable role in keeping an eye on activity in and out of the village. Although he would be sent on the occasional mission, Benzaiten found his life to be pretty dull as a member of the Barrier Team, despite his substantial growth in the art of Barrier ninjutsu.

Now at the age of 18, Benzaiten had already attained the rank of Jōnin and had fulfilled the dream his fallen allies had for him. He had reached a level where he could protect the village and continue his dreams for peace, although in his current position, he could do very little. It was the Invasion of Konoha, a joint attack by the Hidden Sand and the Hidden sound that gave Benzaiten the chance to protect his people.


Combating Otogakure shinobi

Remembering the Third Hokage's words of encouragement, regarding the Will of Fire, Benzaiten was able to push back a large amount of Hidden Sound troops and saved the life of several civilians in the village alongside members of the Akimichi Clan. When news came of the Third's death at the hands of Orochimaru, Benzaiten was saddened and hurt. This was the man who showed kindness to every soul and was a friend to all. The loss of the Third Hokage was a tragic one for everyone in the village, including Benzaiten.

With the Third Hokage dead, Benzaiten had come to a conclusion. He decided to finally act on the words the Third had told him and requested a relieve of duty from the Barrier Team. His will to protect the village and determination to bring peace became an outlet for him, eventually bringing him into the arms of the famed group who served during the Second Shinobi World War: Oniwabanshū.

Personality & traits Edit

A calm spirit with strong goals, Benzaiten drives on the notion of bringing peace to the world around him ever since he witnessed the shedding of blood during the Third Shinobi World War. Benzaiten has a very strong will that is not easily broken, having only suffered a lapse in judgement once in his life, only to be brought back after speaking with the Third Hokage. Despite the amount of tragedy Benzaiten has faced in his life, albeit it a short life, he has remained rather positive and sees this as a traditional shinobi lifestyle.

A cultivation of having a strong resolve and raw determination, Benzaiten is not willing to give up easily. Willing to die for the sake of his village, allies and friends; Benzaiten embodies the Will of Fire just as his ancestors had before him. His loyalty is unwavering, refusing to reveal any information regarding the village, even if torture is applied.

Despite his serious outlook on life, Benzaiten is not above having fun. He enjoys physical activities and is always willing to lend a hand around the village to anyone. He can even be spotted occasionally delivering orders for his favorite eatery, the Dango Shop , in exchange for free food. Benzaiten is also quite the drinker, spending a lot of his time at the local bar where he drinks himself silly.

Powers & abilities Edit

As a Jōnin, Benzaiten is quite strong and boasts a considerable amount of power, having mastered the basics of a ninja years earlier. A highly capable user of both Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, Benzaiten has trained himself physically and spiritually for years to refine himself. During his youth, Benzaiten went as far as to rival the prodigy Shisui Uchiha although the latter's usage of the Sharingan was never employed. His application of powerful Lightning-nature techniques along with his stunning Taijutsu leaves Benzaiten as a dangerous foe to many.

As a former member of Konoha's Barrier Team, Benzaiten has gained much experience in the art of Barrier Ninjutsu, capable of utilizing powerful techniques such as Barrier: Canopy Method Formation and Barrier: Four Gate Formation to protect himself and others from harm. Benzaiten has also shown to utilize the Chakra Sensing Technique to minor extent, using it to spot out several figures hidden on the battlefield.

His experience in the field has earned him not only respect but the necessary information to keep himself and his teammates alive, making Benzaiten an effective leader. During the Invasion of Pain, Benzaiten was one of the many shinobi who took an active role and guided many civilians to safety, only to fall in battle against one of Pain's summoned creatures. He is a quick thinker and can bend to the situation at hand, something that is crucial if one is to take a Jōnin role.

Blade materialization


Besides his quick thinking and powerful Ninjutsu, Benzaiten is a capable swordsman, wielding a summon-able broadsword in battle to overwhelm his opponents with sheer strength.

Ninjutsu Edit

As a Jōnin, Benzaiten boasts skill in the art of Ninjutsu, having collected a large array of techniques over the years. A noted master in the art of Lightning Release techniques, Benzaiten is one of the few masters of this chakra nature within the village. Benzaiten has trained himself physically and mentally for years, in hopes of attaining the rank of Jōnin, marking him as a perfect candidate for such prestige. His signature technique, Secret Technique: Discharge, focuses on the gathering of electrical chakra at his hand and discharging it as contact is made with his opponent. According to his fellow Jōnin, Benzaiten learned this technique after witnessing the famed shinobi Kakashi Hatake utilize his own signature technique named Chidori in the field. Benzaiten's electrical chakra has also proved to be quite powerful, evident when his rage tips the scales. When angered, his chakra manifests around him as a pure electrical storm which surges around Benzaiten dangerously.

Benzaiten has also shown to have skill in the art of Barrier Ninjutsu, namely the usage of the Barrier: Canopy Method Formation to sense opponents who attempt to hide out of sight. Benzaiten's days as a member of Konoha's Barrier Team has allowed him to fully understand the complex barrier techniques that protect the Village Hidden in the Leaf. The ANBU Black Ops have taken note of Benzaiten's knowledge and have a mark on him, if he ever chose to betray the village, he would be marked a S-Ranked criminal with valuable knowledge against the village.

Benzaiten has also proven to be quite skilled with manipulating his lightning-attributed chakra, molding it around his broadsword to increase its cutting force.

Taijutsu Edit

A skilled Taijutsu combatant, Benzaiten has shown to easily move across the battlefield and deliver powerful blows to his opponents with his fists and legs. Encompassing his teachings and training over the years, Benzaiten has mastered a unique form of Taijutsu that is said to branch off from the Strong Fist style of Konohagakure and the Earthen Palm style of Iwagakure. Benzaiten's physical limits have shown to be pushed when he is locked in physical combat, swiftly pushing his body into a state of exhaustion on several occasions. Benzaiten has displayed both a mastery of speed and agility when using Taijutsu, capable of sneaking behind his opponent and executing them without their notice.

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