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Black Rain
Black rain
Name Black Rain
Kanji 黒い雨
Literal English Black Rain
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank B-rank
Range Mid
Other Jutsu

This technique involves Ryū releasing a large amount of Dark Chakra which dissipates into the air all around him. He can then make the chakra to mix with the moisture in the atmosphere and cause the moisture to come down in the form of a greenish-black rain. The water droplets that make up the rain are marginally denser than normal and are slightly viscous in texture and appearance. The rain, enriched with his chakra, acts as a marker that Ryū can use to execute a highly effective tracking technique. Any person that even a single drop of rain falls on is marked by it and he can then track that person at any later time. This is a purely scouting based ability and has no offensive and defensive benefits. While the rain normally ensures that his target does get marked by his chakra, only beings he intends to mark get tagged and no one else is affected in any way by this technique, even if they get caught in the rain. Also a person can only be tracked when Ryū is specifically searching for them so a person could sneak right up to him without him coming to know of it if he were not searching for that person at the time.

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