Blade Barrier Technique is an article created by Kazeyo (風夜). Explicit permission, from the aforementioned creator, is required to utilize or alter the content found on this page.

Blade Barrier Tecnique
Name Blade Barrier Tecnique
Kanji 刃関の術
Classification Defensive
Range Short
Other Jutsu

This technique, invented by Nōsei no Mikoto, allows the user to trail dense chakra after their sword strikes in order to generate a powerful chakra based defense. As simply hovering chakra in the air wont deflect attacks, the user is required to perform a repeated series of rapid sword swipes whose chakra trails merge into barrier. As such the defense is only usable as Nōsei continues the swinging motion, fading instantly after his motion stops. The combined force of the sword swings and the chakra emission is enough to deflect most attacks. Despite this, the barrier generated by a single blade can only defend against frontal angles, since rotating a single blade around an the user's entire body doesn't produce a dense enough shield. Hitori Koyama overcomes this limitation by performing the technique with her dual tantō, effectively shielding her entire body with a barrier of chakra.

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