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Blade Dance: Illusions of Grandeur
Name Blade Dance: Illusions of Grandeur
Kanji ブレードダンス:壮大さの幻想
Literal English Blade dance: illusions of grandeur
Classification Offensive
Rank A
Range Short
Other Jutsu

The user launches the opponent into the air with a rising slash from their katana before using Illusion of the Dancing Flame to gain an advantageous position over their opponent. Once behind the opponent, the user launches the opponent further into the air with another slash before using Maitake Style: Light Step to propel themselves in front of the opponent and slash them downwards and accelerating using Light Step to appear behind the opponent to keep them airborne, juggling the opponent with multiple slashes and strikes with the user's katana after each strike using Light Step to give chase and deliver the next attack. Due to this technique employing Light Step to enable the user to move at the speeds necessary to chain together a string of slashes and keep both themselves and their opponent airborne, the longer the user maintains the attack the greater the strain that is placed upon the body. This technique is often followed by a finishing strike to launch the opponent into the ground, such as a powerful downward slash, an average powered technique to add to the initial damge, or in extreme cases Wind Release: Beautiful Destruction with large amounts of chakra put into the technique. The longer the opponent is "juggled" and the more powerful the finishing attack the greater the strain placed upon the user's body, making this a "double-edged sword". While this technique may be used with a blade other than a katana it becomes increasingly more difficult as the blade's weight increases due to the additional strain placed upon the body by the weight and difficulty in swinging the sword.

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