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Blade Gauntlet
Name Blade Gauntlet
User(s) Marami Natoro

During his time spent in Kemonogakure Marami crafted a gauntlet meant to serve as both sword and shield as one of his many attempts to be accepted by those in the village. While the village turned it down, no one can deny its usefulness nor its deadliness. Composed of a metal alloy darker than night and with the same hardness as steel but a bit lighter, this weapon is masterfully crafted to be of use in the fields of both attack and defense. Its unique shape allows it to catch the blade of an enemy's weapon before disarming them with the twist of a wrist, allowing the wielder to quickly catch an opponent's weapon before launching counter. The gauntlet conceals a hidden blade able to extend to a length of nearly three feet when the user triggers it by the clenching of their fist, the blade is retracted when the user disarms the weapon by quickly rotating their hand counterclockwise. The user is given full control of the blade's length, able to extend and retract it at will to achieve the appropriate length for the given situation. In truth the gauntlet is part of a larger system that runs up the user's arm, housing the blade when it's stored and adding a layer of armor that runs to the user's shoulder to prevent strikes meant to disable or sever the arm of the user.

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