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Blades of Blood
Name Blades of Blood
Kanji 血の刃
Classification Kinjutsu, Kenjutsu
Rank A-rank
Range Mid, Long
Other Jutsu

By fusing it with chakra and partially coagulating it, Raizen can harden his own blood and, like a bladed projectile, throw it at his enemies. The chakra infused into it binds the blood into a solid form and partially crystallizes it. He executes this technique by covering the edge of his blade with blood, which can be his own or his opponent's, and then swinging his blade, releasing an arc of blood which flies off in the direction of the swing. The blood being infused with concentrated quantities of chakra has very high cutting power and acts for all purposes as a very sharp and very fast moving blade. It can be used as a surprise attack that catches enemies off guard when they think he's weakened from battle. In such instances he can use his own blood to perform the technique. It is particularly useful for ranged attacks. As it is most potent when the user's own blood is used it can greatly weaken the user by excess loss of blood. As such it is classified as a kinjutsu.

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