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Nature Icon Blood Blood Release: Blood Promise
Name Nature Icon Blood Blood Release: Blood Promise
Kanji 血遁 血の約束
Other Blood Style: Promise
Rank S-Rank
Range All
Hand Seals Bird → Dragon → Bird → Ox → Horse → Ram → Tiger → Snake
Other Jutsu

The technique which earned Naibu Sanguis his nickname and reputation outside Hoshigakure. The Blood Promise as its otherwise known is an incredibly potent jutsu of the highest caliber, for it is the one Blood Release jutsu that doesn't require excessive quantities of blood to use, making it that much safer while maximizing damage.

The jutsu is activated by using the Bird → Dragon → Bird → Ox → Horse → Ram → Tiger → Snake Hand Seals. Once these seals are weaved a continuous aura of pain extends from the users body, fed by negative emotions. Naibu explains to Shiki that hatred and pain is writhe in the Ninja world and that the Blood Promise feeds on that negativity. This aura constantly lashes out at the target of the users negative feelings. The expression of the attack depends on the individual using it, as Naibu's Blood Promise is particularly brutal. His aura seeks to grab the target and tear them limb from limb, while Shiki's usage is more pinpoint through the use of countless tentacles that slash like blades and grab likes hands. If the negative emotion is strong enough to manifest as Killing Intent the afflicted can even be driven to madness.

The downside is the massive Chakra requirement, which may explain why not much blood is actually used. The aura is given shape through Yang Release while the users imagination - thus Yin Release - drives its usage. The technique also places tremendous strain on the body and mind, making it less useful over all though still extremely powerful.

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