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Nature Icon Blood Blood Release: Siphon
Name Nature Icon Blood Blood Release: Siphon
Kanji 血遁 サイフォン
Other Blood Style: Siphon
Rank A-Rank
Range Short, Medium
Hand Seals Rat
Other Jutsu

The user of this jutsu revels in death, absorbing the lingering residual Chakra of all nearby corpses, each of which partially restores the user's own blood supply - serving a similar purpose to the Blood Increasing Pill - while also restoring some of their own Chakra and healing minor wounds. The jutsu has also been used as a means of calming down the Blood Frenzy due to its slight healing nature. Blood Release: Siphon is in actuality a more offensively driven version of Blood Release: Healing, achieved by applying the iron counting technique in a more unique method.

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