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Bluffing Powder
Name Bluffing Powder
User(s) Kakushi Ken

Bluffing powder is a chalky, white substance created by Kakushi Ken for use in more desperate situations. The powder itself is unable to do any damage to the opponent unless thrown into their eyes and beyond that and its intended use is absolutely worthless. The user must direct a small amount of their chakra into the powder after covering their inner palms with it, this must be kept hidden from the opponent. After this process the powder can then be diffused into the air to make it seem as though the user's chakra levels suddenly surged, preferably by clapping one's hands after weaving a series of handseals. Once the powder is in the air it appears identical to the user's actual chakra to Sensors and those able to visualize chakra and is meant to frighten or cause doubt to rise in the minds of the opponents.

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