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Kesshō Burittsu: Light Step
Name Kesshō Burittsu: Light Step
Kanji ブリッツ眼に入った場合:リダイレクトのアート
Other Jutsu

Burittsuai: Art of Redirection is the most basic, and widely used technique made available through the use of the the Kazuki Clan's Kekkei Genkai. By using visual input obtained via the Burittsuai, the user can successfully manipulate lightning jutsu, or even real lightning, and redirect it towards their foes for a variety of effects. Although useful only against lightning-related justu and skills, this particular application of the Burittsuai renders lightning-based techniques all but useless against a Kazuki trained in this particular technique, making it an ultimate defense against lightning-release users.

Known Users Edit

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