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Burittsuai Zōdai
Name Burittsuai Zōdai
Kanji ブリッツアイ増大
Other Jutsu

Burittsuai Zōdai (ブリッツアイ増大, lit. Blitz Eye: Augmentation) is a personal supplementary jutsu that bolsters the users physical abilities through the use of a sustained electric charge using lightning-release that stimulates the muscles in order to make them stronger via contraction. Those who use this as a method of training have naturally higher levels of strength when compared to other non-Burittsuai users.

Those who utilize this jutsu benefit from muscle contractions that are up to 30 times more powerful than normal voluntary contractions, leading to enhanced muscle strength and improved muscle recovery compared to normal muscle contractions. Masters can even increase the rate of contraction, either increasing or lowering it to a total of 20 or 40 times.

The technique's usage results in enhanced physical performance in fields such as Taijutsu, Kenjutsu and speed-related techniques because of the naturally stronger muscle strength of the individual, whose muscles are used predominately in the utilization of the above skills. Though for the effects to be truly noteworthy then one needs to exist within state, trading the Chakra required to sustain the electrical current so they continue to benefit as they grow and mature, as well as train.

The technique is vital to those who chose to practice the Unshūmusan style of Kenjutsu, as strength and speed beyond the average norm is required. This is due to the fact that the style was originally created to be utilized alongside side controlled usage of the Eight Gates to facilitate the physical demand, which the muscle stimulation over years of training provides - though not to the same level. The muscles are also built up by way of free-running acrobatics.

Known Users Edit

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