Name Camazotz
Kanji キャマゾットズ
Range All Ranges
Hand Seals None
Other Jutsu

Using her Pulse Release to send out the titular pulses of chakra around her, Mono no Aware can detect anomalies in her surroundings and as such form a mental map of her surroundings, bypassing the drawbacks of her blindness altogether. This technique differs from standard sensor techniques in that it doesn't actually detect the presence of other chakra sources, working more like a sonar than anything else. As such, it cannot be disturbed or blocked by techniques that focus on meddling with sensor-type shinobi.

Mono no Aware's mastery over this technique is extremely precise, allowing her to discern even slight scars hidden underneath clothing and the material of a construct by the feeling it gives off when disturbing her chakra "waves". Because the technique is set on detecting even the slightest of disturbances, Mono no Aware is aware of actions before they're actually committed, when there's barely anything but a desire and a subconscious reflex on her adversary's part.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Like all other Pulse Release techniques, this jutsu is named after a divinity, in this case Camazotz, a bat god of Maya mythology. This alludes to a bat's usage of sonar to detect his surroundings.