Chīsaiōja Momochidori
Chīsaiōja no Hiraishin
Name Chīsaiōja Momochidori
Kanji 百千鳥小さい王者
Romanji Momochidori Chīsaiōja
Personal Status
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 5'6"
Weight 134lbs
Blood Type o
Hometown Kyūzōgakure
Home Country Land of Whirlpools
Previous Affiliation None
Previous Occupation None
Team Unknown
Previous Team None
Previous Partner Unknown
Classification Mercenary
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan (stolen; left eye)
Nature Type Lightning
Jutsu Repulse the Monkey
Monkey Strike
Lightning Body Conversion Technique
Lightning Release: Final Flash

Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique
Demonic Illusion: Burning Paper Body
Lightning Body Delayed Clone Technique

Chīsaiōja Momochidori (百千鳥小さい王者, "Little King, Japanese Nightingale") is a shinobi mercenary working for the Uzumaki Clan. He is the last surviving member of the Momochidori Clan and as such carries a great pride in being a ember of the once great clan.


Hikaru full body

Clad in a burgandy-red kimono of worn cloth with a white umanori hakama, zori and white tabi, Chīsaiōja is a strange shinobi as his garb is more closely related to that of the Samurai than other ninja. He is shown to have a scar on his left cheek received on the day his home was destroyed. As with most members of the Momochidori Clan he is shown to have blue eyes and orange-red hair similar to the Uzumaki Clan for which they were once allies. Chīsaiōja's hair has gown long and he keeps it tied in a ponytail.


Chīsaiōja is a mysterious individual who is often seen to have a cheerful disposition even in the face of certain disaster. This gives him the appearance of being very easy going and laid back; but this isnt the case because the time it takes to analyze his attitude while fighting him, he will have already have linked into his opponents chakra universal field and the threads of fate would have already been created and be in his control.

When not on missions he is often seen eating at the local seafood bar with his grandfather and sister or at the family lake drinking tea with his grandmother. He is a master game player often creating jutsu based around those games, namely chess. In these games even his father has trouble defeating him.



Chīsaiōja was the Grandson of the current clan chief. His life was almost perfect as he wanted a companion and his sister was much younger than him. This revelation made him independent and he went out searching for a playmate. At around age eight he met his best friend and supposed future fiancee Wynn and they played together often. This friendship developed into a relationship around both children tenth birthday. During this time he met his cousin and friend Megumi.

Ninja TrainingEdit

When Chīsaiōja turned ten he graduated from the ninja academy and was a full fledged rookie of Kyūzōgakure a small settlement in the Land of Water. This happiness however was short lived as on his first mission he lost Wynn to enemy ninja as she was captured and interrogated, and before her team could reach her to rescue her she was killed for not answering the enemy shinobi. This changed Chīsaiōja's happy go luck personality into a cold one who only cared about the success of the mission.

Warzone: KyūzōgakureEdit

Four years had passed since Wynn's death and Chīsaiōja still had a cold heart as the ceremonial promotion exams came up. This gave two supposedly ally villages a chance to attack while inside the walls of Kyūzōgakure as the two attacked attacked the Village while the Chūnin exams were happening, overwhelming the shinobi using forbidden arts. Chīsaiōja was told by his teacher Tora Yue to to aid in the survival of the Rookie 11 (formerly Rookie 12) which he attempted to as he led his classmates through an underground passage, but the battle above caused a cave in and eight were caught and killed, the remaining three were Chīsaiōja himself, his Sister Buji and his fellow teammate Megumi, as they were leaving the village they were attacked by enemy jonin who attempted to kill them, This is when Chīsaiōja broke his coldness for the sake of saving his teammates and used his Lightning Body Conversion Technique ability for the first time. After defeating one Jonin he was attacked but Buji saved him giving him enough time to use the repulse the monkey technique. After escaping the three rested and he tended to his sisters wounds as the battle came to a close. Returning to the village he saw that his father had ended the battle by trapping the enemy ninja in a void prison using the Gyakuho, but the village had taken a loss.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Elemental ReleasesEdit

As a member of the Shiratori Clan, Chīsaiōja has the ability to utilize the Lightning elemental at a higher level than most shinobi as such he is able to transform his body to and from an energized state and solid state at will since he was able to master his clans Lightning Body Conversion Technique this jutsu has some other practical applications which are seen when he uses them as he is able to coat singular part of his body in lightning or completely convert that said section into energy in order to evade damage, however to do so requires a large amount of chakra. This skill is quite powerful since not many in the Shiratori clan could manage to master this technique as it takes a large amount of chakra to convert their bodies into lightning element. The secondary function shows off the keen intellect of this young shinobi as he is able to energize his body, stimulating his muscles and cellular make up in order to top out his bodies natural output, increasing his strength and speed for a set period of time, allowing him to move at speeds that exceed the body flicker as well as sustain limited flight.

His secondary nature allows for him to cast powerful genjutsu, by skillfully utilizing the powerful Yin Release by way of his powerful Sharingan. His illusions have been noted to being very intricate and complex requiring sometime to decipher even when the user is aware that they are under the control of an outside force and despite the large chakra consumption of his Sharingan he has been shown to perform a layered genjutsu to trick even the most skilled shinobi.

Chakra Flow and KusarigamajutsuEdit

Chīsaiōja is able to use Chakra Flow in the form of sharpening his twin Kusarigama so that he can pierce armor and defenses while using them. He can also use chakra flow in order surge his Lightning nature through them in order to create a conductive and highly destructive weapon as his kusarigama gain a buzz saw-like effect while the nature is imbued within.


Chīsaiōja is able to Reject as well as increase the damage of his attacks using his chakra control following the training he received from both his clan elders as well as the Uzumaki Clan.

Chakra ControlEdit

Due to his training from a young age, Chīsaiōja has precision chakra control as he is able to expel chakra from his pores as he moves and using a clan specific seal harden it around him, abandoning all offensive abilities for the duration of the barrier. His chakra control also is shown when he uses Shape Manipulation as he is able to infuse his chakra into elemental bases of existing sources and manipulate them to a limited extent.

Shujaku is also able to use her chakra control to force the chakra from her palm as a pulse in order to maximize damage, from her strikes as well as turn her opponents strikes against them.



Stolen from an Uchiha he managed to kill, Chīsaiōja took into his own body the left eye and surgically implanted it withing his person as to replace his own which was blinded since birth. In using his newly acquired eye he was able to view the world in a different light as he could take in more visual information as well as neutralize genjutsu used against him. Due to his Sharingan he was made a target by the Uchiha Clan who want to reclaim their "property". His skills have been noted to be on a class all their own after his acquirement of the eye as he could use his hiden technique differently, mixing the speed it delivered with the partial conversion affect, creating a powerful and deadly forrce, however the amount of chakra required to do so taxes him greatly.



  • Several of his jutsu derive their names from both Xiaolin Showdown and Dragon Ball Z.

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