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Chakra Detonation Spheres
Name Chakra Detonation Spheres
User(s) Kakushi Ken

Chakra Detonation Spheres are weapons designed by Kakushi Ken specifically to combat those with monstrous chakra levels such as Jinchūriki or even shinobi with naturally high chakra levels. The spheres are created by packing an extremely sensitive explosive powder around a core of Blasting Powder. The spheres are no larger than Food Pills, due to this they are able to easily be carried and thrown when needed. The exterior layer is composed of a highly explosive powder that detonates the instant it comes into a chakra signature different from that of the user. The initial explosion is almost instantly followed by the detonation of the Blasting Powder at the core of the sphere resulting in another, notably larger explosion. When used the ensuing explosions are more than powerful enough to kill and typically result in a large crater surrounded by smoldering fires in the immediate area.

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