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Chakra Kunai
Chakra kunai
Name Chakra Kunai
Kanji チャクラクナイ
Rōmaji Chakra Kunai
User(s) Not Yet Revealed

A uniquely designed kunai made from a special metal that can be only be found in the Land of Earth. Due to the unique properties of the metal, the kunai can be infused with any elemental chakra including Yin and Yang. In addition the kunai can also absorb chakra from any source, including the user as well as the opponent and as a result, the more chakra it absorbs the tougher it becomes. There is a limit to how much chakra can be stored within the chakra kunai, although the exact limitations are unknown as of now. It can be used to produce a variety of effects, depending on the user and the elemental chakra nature absorbed.

It takes the form of a large kunai-style dagger that can be used as a long range projectile weapon or for close range combat purposes similar to a katana. Unlike traditional kunai, this chakra kunai is slightly longer with a silver edge, while the middle of the kunai is black and symbols are inscribed on it. When infused with wind-natured chakra through "Chakra Flow", it can easily pierce through stone. The chakra kunai is slightly heavier than a standard kunai, but with enough time and practice, the user can use the kunai without much difficulty.

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