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Chakra Negation Technique
Name Chakra Negation Technique
Kanji チャクラ否定の術
Classification Kekkei Tōta, Genjutsu
Rank S-rank
Range Short, Mid
Hand Seals Dragon → Tiger → Serpent → Ram
Other Jutsu

This technique, considered by many within the Suzuki Clan to be the ultimate Pulse Release release technique, creates a bubble all around the caster within which no individual can mold chakra and as such can no longer make use of any form of ninjutsu or genjutsu while within the bubble. Requiring a large amount of energy and chakra, this technique is performed by releasing a pulse of the user's chakra radially outwards in all directions so that it forms a spherical "bubble" all around him/her. Everyone within this bubble is affected by the caster's chakra and placed under an exceedingly powerful genjutsu that makes it impossible for them to harness chakra or to perform any technique that involves the usage of chakra. This is done by affecting the minds of all within the bubble and changing their perception of their own body, making their body view molding of chakra as a harmful foreign influence and cuts itself off from the chakra reserves. As such though the affected can sense the chakra within their own body, it becomes impossible for them to actually mold or make use of this chakra. The genjutsu, whose effects last for a little under a quarter of an hour, cannot be dispersed once cast and affects everyone within the "bubble" including the caster. As such it is considered by some to be a double edged sword which is just as detrimental to the caster as to anyone else. While the size of the bubble can be controlled, the caster of the technique is always at the center of the bubble and always affected by it.

A weakness of this technique is that it does not affect Bijū as due to their bestial nature they don't have the intelligence to be affected by the genjutsu. But when they are sealed within a jinchūriki the genjutsu affects both host and tailed beast alike as the sealing grants the bijū the intelligence which makes it possible for the genjutsu to affect them. Also, due to the highly draining nature of this technique it can only be used once in twenty four hours. Any attempts to overuse this technique can result in the user himself getting strongly affected by the technique and permanently loosing his/her ability to mold chakra.

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