Chakra Threading
Name Chakra Threading
Kanji チャクラ 糸
Literal English Chakra Threading Technique
Classification Forbidden
Rank None
Range Close-Medium-Long
Hand Seals Half-Tiger
Other Jutsu

Chakra Threading is a Forbidden technique originating from Kirigakure that would later become the foundation for the Chakra Threads technique utilized by puppeteer from all nations, although most of the users derive from Sunagakure.

Overview Edit

Once a powerful Medical technique that very few could have the ability to master that allowed them to knead their chakra into an extremely fine thread. Once used to reattach severed limbs, the user proved to be a highly sought after asset on the battlefield. During an earlier point in Kirigakure history, the First Mizukage lost his arm in battle and it was because of Chakra Threading technique that he was able to reattach it easily.

The technique evolved further as generations began experimenting with it, eventually branching off towards Takigakure where the Earth Grudge Fear would become famed. The Earth Grudge Fear was essentially a darker more corrupt version of the Hiden technique that was created for the purpose of replicating the Kirigakure technique. It was a success but essentially left the user highly deformed.

Certain users of the technique, have displayed the ability to command threads of chakra to perform feats such as piercing and stabbing into the target, constricting a target and many other inventive techniques.

To the current generation of Kirigakure, Chakra Threading is a mostly lost skill and very few are capable of it. Following the Third Great Shinobi World War, the Chakra Threading technique was named a Kinjutsu leaving it up to the Mizukage to decide whether a ninja learns the technique or not.

Branch Techniques Edit

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