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Chakra Weave
Name Chakra Weave
Kanji チャクラ織り
Literal English Chakra Weave
Classification Supplementary
Range All Ranges
Other Jutsu
Unique to the Mikoto Clan this technique allows the practitioners to apply shape manipulation upon chakra that doesn't necessarily belong to them. This technique operates by the user "weaving" their own chakra into another individual's and then moving then shaping the foreign chakra. Despite this, it is impossible to manipulate chakra which is under the influence of other shape manipulation. As such it is highly unlikely that this technique can be used defensively. While the aforementioned limitation is true once an opponent's shape manipulation over a technique has faded, this technique can be used to harness the dispersing chakra and shape it according to their will. Unfortunately, this requires precise timing making it troublesome to attempt in the heat of combat.

In addition to an opponent's chakra this technique allows a user to "borrow" an ally's chakra which has been changed through nature manipulation, effectively allowing the user to utilize elements they would usually not be able to perform. It should be noted that this borrowing ability is limited to a single technique. If the user wants to utilize that element again, it will require an additional act of sharing. Furthermore, borrowing an ally's chakra requires them to not exercise shape manipulation upon their own chakra as it will interfere with the process.

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