My First Entry: Challenging Day, by Teruo Kōtaishi

Well, err, this is my first entry. I guess I'll start with my name. I'm Teruo. Yesterday, I was given a pretty chunky journal from Kabuto. When he gave it to me he had this edgy, menacing smile on his face, but behind the glasses I can never tell what that bastard is doing.....

He told me to record facts, and other crap, like how I feel and what happens from day-to-day. That said, I guess I'll start with the beginning. Ehem. A couple o' years ago (I have no idea how long ago) my parents abandoned me. Left me to die, but fortunately, I was saved by Orochimaru. Now, he's teaching me alot of cool new jutsu and techniques that I can use to find my parents. In all truth, he looks sorta weird, but ya can't base a person just off looks, right.

Anyway, Orochimaru-sama gave me a power that will definitely help me find my parents, but ya know, it does hurt from time to time now that I really think about. Like a searing pain in my neck, and then it flows down my whole body. From what Kabuto says, Orochimaru chose me personally to have that seal. He said that it was because of my special chakra! Having Orochimaru take care of me has been pretty cool so far, and knowing that he acknowledges more than my parents is great!

I anticipated Orochimaru to teach me something else, or have me run some more tests with that power he gave me - a year ago - like he's done before. But, I guess today was different. He seemed alot more cheerful today from what I could tell. I eavesdropped on him awhile ago, and he said something about his plans coming to fruition, and something about changing the world forever; whatever that stuff means. Anywho, I've never really liked Kabuto, and today I relationship worsened. I think he's jealous or something, but whatever. Today, Orochimaru-sama had me fight Kabuto for along time. His attacks were swift, and lethal. None of his movements were wasted, and that stupid grin just made everything worse.

That damn glasses wearing freak. I had hoped that Orochimaru could stop the fight after awhile (since I was losing pretty badly), but he didn't. Instead he seemed to watch intently. He corrected me a couple of times, telling me to not look down to the ground in a fight 'cause it shows weakness. To constantly stay on edge in a fight, or risk the chance of your opponent being more ready than you, therefore more capable of killing you. Most of all, he kept saying to bring out all my anger, sadness, and rage in a fight. To unleash all my power at my opponent with my darkest emotions. He sorta scared me at that part...OK, he terrified that shit out've me. His glare was unbreakable. It stabbed into my soul, and is foever emblazoned in my mind.

After, the battle I didn't even get to rest. Come to think of it, I hadn't even forced Kabuto to his knees; he was soo tough. I guess I got hit pretty bad 'cause right now, I can't feel any of my arms, and I feel blood rushing out've my left thigh. I'm pretty sure I'm bruised up too 'cause my body keeps hurting, but that could just be that power Orochimaru-sama gave me. Immediately, some bone guy came to Orochimaru. He looked tough, but most of all; his eyes. They were so..well, I can't even express what they're like. It was weird. The feeling I got looking at him sent chills down my spine. They talked for a couple minutes, then he left extremely quickly, it seemed like he was in a rush.

Well, this is my first time writing a journal entry like this. And Kabuto said I should probably title every entry with one word to label that day. Hmmm? Maybe, I'll name it something cool. Nahh, I don't have anytime to play around. Sigh, Orochimaru is calling me again. Well, my first entry was cut short. Approaching the conclusion so quickly. Oh, I still don't have a title....Challenging, yea that's a nice name for my first entry. Can't wait for my next one! With regards, Teruo.

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