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The wind howls through the plains, the bleak landscape leaving no shelter from the biting chill save a handful of weathered boulders. A young man strolls through the maelstrom of wind, roaming the plains with the confidence of a beast in their territory with his eyes steadily scanning the landscape to check for threats to "his land". Behind the man lurks a large beast, a monstrosity the likes of which few have seen; the beast is a Chimera, seemingly composed of bits and pieces of other creatures despite its smooth movements. The beast and the man seem to move as one, somehow connected as they stroll through the rolling plains a few paces apart, walking into the wind as if impervious to its chill.

The wind finally begins to relent, causing the man to shift slightly and stand taller than before, revealing that he had been slightly hunched over in order to provide himself some relief from the forceful element. He now stood at 6'1", yet exuded the confidence of one many times his size. His silvery eyes catch the light through strands of ink black hair, shining as he turns his gaze skyward "Well... At least that damned wind let up for once, that's one good thing eh?" the Chimera lets out a brief grunt, tossing its head as if in reply. "Yeah? Well it's died down for now, so quit your complaining. We need to cover a bit more ground before finding something to eat, agreed?", the man turns and cocks his head as he eyes the Chimera waiting for the beast to reply. The beast looses a strange cry, a gruff cross between a grunt and a howl that made it clear how the beast felt about the situation. These two were no normal pair, a shinobi and his traveling companion; no, they were Marami Natoro and the Chimera, both fearsome creatures originating from the Land of Beasts and neither was more feral than the other.

Leaning up against one of the sparsely positioned boulders in the desolate waste a silver haired individual dutifully tries to communicate with his allies. "That's what I'm trying to tell you," he explains, holding his hand up to his earpiece. A few yards away the corpse of a massive beast lay slain. "Yes...yes, I still took care of it. Try to get the details right next time," he continues is a disappointed tone, "Fine...I'm on my way back." Lowering his hand from his ears the young man lets out a sigh, "Really horrible reception here."

Marami continues his stroll, his eyes, ears, and mind constantly scanning for any who might trespass upon his territory. He listens to the animals and insects around him as he walks, picking up on their thoughts and words to aid himself in his search. Marami stops suddenly, fixing his gaze upon a solitary boulder roughly 10 yards away; he cocks his head slightly and sniffs the air, raising an eyebrow slightly. He speaks, his voice booming over the plains "Get from behind my boulder, now."

Stepping out from behind the rock Nōsei looks towards Marami with an air of bewilderment, "Uh...yes?" Spying the monstrosity accompanying the man can't help but consider the possibility that things were about to get heated. "May I help you?" he continues calmly, trying to keep the situation civil.

Marami narrows his eyes slightly, their silvery surface hardening into a sharpness that is seen most often in animals in the wild and a low growl is heard rumbling from his throat as he bares his canines and clenches his fists, sizing the man up. "You're encroaching upon my territory, leave. Now. Or face the consequences", Marami speaks with such gravity and anger that would make it seem as if the man before him had just committed a mass murder while his tone suggests that even if the man were to turn tail and leave now, Marami would follow him to ensure he left his territory. "You have three seconds and I won't ask again."

Normally watching an individual seethe in front of him without noticeable reason would have led Nōsei to stare on in confusion, but the man's words had struck a nerve. "Heh, I really hate when people arbitrarily claim authority," he begins coldly, focusing his gaze on Marami. "So, instead of barking at me, why don't you come back when you've learned how to ask nicely," altering his tone with a hint of sarcasm. Meanwhile he carefully positions his right hand over the handle of the sword strapped to the back of his waist.

Marami shifts slightly as the Chimera begins growling, the sound causing the ground to vibrate slightly as the beast advances. He raises a hand and the beast suddenly stops in its tracks "I'll take this one, don't interfere." Marami raises his left hand, his Akatsuki ring becoming apparent as he taps the kanji in the center; suddenly calling two kunai, one of which having what would seem to be an explosive tag attached. He throws them in rapid succession, the kunai bearing the tag following just behind the other as he takes a deep breath and expels it, launching himself into the air.

Acting without a sense of urgency Nōsei waves his left hand horizontally in front of himself. His simple gesture beckons the the wind to follow suit, knocking Marami's projectiles far off to the left of their target. Watching carefully at his opponent's ascent the silver haired individual considers his opponent's plan, "Wind Release huh...but what do you plan to do from up there? Your just making yourself an easier target."

Marami cocks his head slightly "Deflection by moving his hand? No.. has to be wind, so he can control wind with his hand motions... Let's test that". Marami pushes himself higher into the air as he weaves a handseal while muttering "Release" and the tag on the deflected kunai responds instantly, loosing a sudden barrage of shuriken in the man's direction before weaving a quick series of handseals and launching what would appear to be roughly ten flaming bats at the man.

"An attack from two fronts, he's not kidding around," Nōsei ponders, diving rolling forward out of the shuriken's path while turning his attention onto Marami's fire technique. "Fire and wind...I shouldn't underestimate that combination, but I'm afraid I've seen similar shape transformation before," he comments as he regains his footing and materializes a black katana in his right hand. Moving fluidly the swordsman strikes down the bats in rapid succession, leaving several small fires lying around him. "Time for a counterattack, I think I'll start by borrowing some of your chakra," Nōsei explains, animating surrounding flames into the shape of a spear that he launches toward the Marami at a surprising velocity. "If he tries to maneuver with wind the flames will latch onto that chakra, hastening his demise."

"Well that's just plan unfair...", Marami hesitates for an instant as he waits for the spear to draw literal inches away from his face before employing the Body Flicker Technique to move a few centimeters to the side making it seem as if the projectile simply passed through him. "That was way too close... I don't think I'll be doing that again." He turns so that his back is facing the ground before exhaling once more to propel himself earthward and flipping to land nimbly on his feet. He runs towards Nōsei as he taps his Akatsuki ring once more, gripping a single shuriken bearing two explosive tags as he flashes through handseals with his free hand. Marami sends the kunai flying just to the left of Nōsei as he conjures two Monkeys, one rushing Nōsei straight on as the other approaches from the right. "That should buy a bit of time"

"I can't let this guy keep controlling the pace of this battle," Nōsei thinks to himself eying the next barrage of attack coming at him. Switching gears the young swordsman flickers several meters past Marami in an instant, weaving through the attacks in the process. Channeling chakra through his blade as he rotates around Nōsei launches a wide arc of wind towards his opponent's back. "Using fire techniques like he has been...perhaps he's trying to prevent me from using wind," he thinks to himself before addressing his hopefully blindsided enemy, "My seems we'll never have a chance to exchange names."

Marami shoots into the air as he exhales suddenly, twisting to land easily on his feet, facing his opponent. He points to his Chimera, which was attentively watching the exchange, as he addresses the man "If you assume I have only one pair of eyes, you'll die before you get a chance to correct yourself... Now, I guess I'll get a bit more serious." The instant that Marami finished his sentence, the Chimera shifts its form and splits into five seperate beasts; A devilishly large bat-like creature, a beast akin to a regal lion, something that more closely resembled a moving fortress than any living creature, a monstrous beast similar to a dog, and a majestic wolf. The bat-like creature suddenly takes to the air, its graceful movements greatly contrasting with its size as it lands next to Marami. "I am known as Marami of the Chimera, a name I guarantee you won't soon forget", with that Marami places his hand upon the beast and his features instantly begin to change; batlike wings erupt from his back and his ears lengthen, growing pointed as his pupils sharpen into slits. He taps his Akatsuki ring once more, causing what would seem to be a gauntlet to appear on his left forearm. "Now... Let's begin".

"Combination Transformation? looks more like this guy assimilated that bat-like beast," Nōsei thinks to himself as he studies his opponent's new form, "He can probably do the same with the other beasts the chimera split into, I wonder what kind of abilities he has in that form?" Pointing his blade towards the enemy the swordsman considers his tactics for the next engagement quickly before addressing his enemy. "Marami of the Chimera...huh," he comments sarcastically, "I don't quite think it's customary to announce your own moniker. Whatever though...I'm Nōsei no Mikoto." Recalling Marami's comment regarding multiple pairs of eyes the Mikoto decides to utilize quality over quantity as the hue of his eyes change. As he shifts his stance the flow chakra throughout the swordsman's body alters as well, becoming denser and more prevalent. Covering the distance between each other in a blink of an eye Nōsei attempts a shallow slash across Marami's chest, lightning coursing down his ebony blade.

Marami raises an eyebrow as he quickly brings up his gauntleted forearm as he clenches his fist causing the blade to instantly extend to a length just past 1.5 feet in order to stop his opponent's strike within a fraction of a second; his enhanced reaction time and increased sensory perception being a direct result of his hiden. Marami rolls his wrist with the impact, taking the momentum behind the strike and directing it away from his body as he spins in the opposite direction before releasing a quick burst of sound in Nōsei's direction and resuming his stance. "Well... He's fast to say the least but that shouldn't be much of a problem with these eyes... Still... It's always better to be on the safe side", Marami gathers his chakra around his feet and waits for the next assault almost certain that he'll be able to avoid it.

Visualizing the auditory assault before its completion Nōsei took additional swipe at the chakra generated sound waves. While he was able to diffuse some Marami's technique its still packed enough power to stumble the swordsman's stance. "Illusory sound...I guess I should have expected something like that from a bat," he thinks to himself while attempting to regain his composure, "I'll need to be extra careful...especially since his reaction time has improved." Refocusing his attention on Marami the Mikoto notices the chakra gathering around his opponent's feet. "You seem confident with that technique...aren't you getting ahead of yourself?"

Marami smirks slightly, showing that his canines had lengthened slightly and curved into fangs "Not in the least... But you seem to be a little off balance, tired even"; his tone of voice remains the same but the weight of the words have increased, holding the gravity of suggestive authority as his chakra-laced voice spills over Nōsei. Marami taps his ring once more and a chain of fifteen shuriken appears in his hand, each shuriken attached to the other by translucent string. He twirls the blades as he imbues them with Wind chakra before hurling the entire chain at Nōsei, the attached blades spin rapidly in a clockwise motion and are meant to bite into the flesh of an opponent as they wrap around their body in order to restrain them. Quickly following up his initial assault, Marami forms five small bats and releases them in a spread pattern just behind the chain of shuriken.

Shaken by the effects of what Nōsei could only assume to be another illusory sound technique he attempts in desperation to slip through the shuriken barrage. Unfortunately, he's caught by the nearly invisible wire and sliced several times by the enclosing blades, only to be immobilized Marami's fire attack engulfs him in a brief burst of flames. Laying motionless for a moment Nōsei's voice can be heard from behind Marami and his party as the incinerated corpse bursts into a mass of shadowy energy that flow past the chimeric warrior reforming the silver haired swordsman, miraculously unscathed. "So...I'm guessing you were going for something similar to that occurring," Nōsei comments lightly, alluding to his illusory deception. "I'm afraid it took me longer than usual to decode the mechanics of your first genjutsu, but I noticed that your pets weren't effected despite having it being a sound-based genjutsu. Regardless their positioning suggested that such techniques have to be launched directly toward an opponent, and I'm glad I was right." Shifting his weight Nōsei considers how to proceed for a moment, since he had been on the receiving end of attacks for the duration of this battle. "Regardless...I know how your illusions operate," he explains, " your not going to find much use in them." Collecting chakra around his free hand in an instant Nōsei launches a blast of hurricane force wind towards his opponent, likely stripping Marami of the chance to perform the seals for his fire technique.

Marami blasts to the right, his body becoming almost entirely a blur as he makes use of a combination of the technique he'd prepared earlier, his enhanced reaction time, and the beasts watching their every move to escape the assault. As he settles to a stop he turns his gaze back to Nōsei "To be honest if you had died in that last assault I would have been rather disappointed, but I'll have to start getting a bit serious now." Marami takes a breath and releases a sound a such a high frequency that it is able to induce a nagging pain in the human ear. Leonus,the Lion-like beast, charges to Marami's side in a display of raw power before Marami lays his hand on the beast's head, causing his appearance to change once more. Marami's appearance steadily grows further from the norm as his nails lengthen into claws, his muscles tense and relax in a display of power, his right eye shifts to a deep amber color while retaining the slit, and his canines elongate further into feral looking fangs. Marami laughs as he throws back his head and let's loose the thunderous roar of Leonus, meant specifically to stun his prey, and even the watching beasts flinch momentarily at the harsh sound.

"Wind Release speed enhancement and assimilating a second of that chimera's divisions," the swordsman comments while wondering the intricacy of his opponent's technique. "I suppose I'll have to step up things as well." Allowing the dark blade he was wielding fade from existence Nōsei replaces it with the silvery-white blade from his side, calmly drawing sword from its sheath. Taking a relaxed single-handed stance the Mikoto takes a slow breath, "I should expect another level of physical boosts from this guy...though he may have acquired some other abilities as well." Tightening his grip upon the sword the air shifts around Nōsei's feet, producing a small ring of for a mere moment. Pointing his free hand towards Marami the swordsman performs an array of single-handed gestures resembling hand-seals before a thin bolt of lightning streams towards the chimeric warrior, seeking to impale him.

Marami attempts to dodge to the side a moment too late, the lightning's speed surpassing his own as he only manages to avoid a fatal wound; the bolt of lighting slashing his side and inflicting a gash roughly a half inch deep. Marami's personality suddenly swings as his eyes grow increasingly feral at the sight of his own blood and his mentality becomes one of a cornered beast. A chilling roar claws its way from his throat as he disperses his previous technique and further supplements his speed by gathering Lightning around his feet and body. The claws on Marami's right hand extend as the Blade Gauntlet extends to its full length. He inhales sharply as he builds a chakra-less flame in his chest before rapidly expelling it in the form of a dense ball in Nōsei's direction, making use of Leonus's ability to naturally produce searing flames within its body. The enraged man surges forward behind his assault, moving with such speed that his movement becomes impossible to track without the aid of a Dojutsu and the earth itself is ripped apart as his rapid advance gouges perfectly linear paths from the ground. Marami surges past his attack and aims a swift diagonal slash at the man's chest, twisting in midair as he attempts what could be a fatal strike if not dodged or blocked and making use of his wings to position himself out of the path of the flaming orb quickly bearing down upon them both.

Surprised that his rudimentary assault actually inflicted damage Nōsei is initially caught off-guard by Marami's sudden fiery attack, with the conjurer following in tow. "Projectile fire along with lightning enchanced speed," he comments under his breath after refocusing on the situation at hand. While he's able to track his opponent's movements visually his initial distraction puts him at a disadvantage as Marami slips around his fire attack and goes in for a powerful slash. While the swordsman is able to divert most of the force of his enemies attack with a well timed burst of chakra, he is still grazed by Marami's attack. Seemingly ignoring the incoming fire Nōsei faces his opponent as the flames suddenly detonate prematurely before reaching their destination, preventing their usefulness. "Not're faster than before. If I don't pay attention I'll end up getting hit again," he explains, annoyed that his opponent scored a hit upon him.

Marami quickly launches his next assault, taking advantage of the close range as he spits another ball of flame at Nōsei, this one notably larger than the last. Skipping backwards he rapidly flows into a sequence of handseals before he creates a huge gust of wind that immediately ignites upon contact with the flames, feeding them and enlarging the fiery orb to deadly proportions. "Since I created those flames without chakra... He shouldn't be able to turn this one back against me... That most likely won't kill, but it might inflict a nice chunk of damage and create a few openings or at least force him to expose a few more techniques to avoid it..." Marami launches himself into the air, maintaining a bird's eye view through the use of his wings.

Acting as if operating completely on instinct Nōsei performs a powerful vertical strike at the incoming fireball. Without interruption the flames are severed down the middle flowing by an unseen force, harmlessly flowing around him. "Wind enhanced flames...excellent. Natural flames at that, I'm impressed," he comments gazing up at his midair opponent. "Against most other wind users your would have likely won right there," he continues calmly, "Unfortunately though, I'm sorely aware of my weakness against fire techniques...and because of this I took it upon myself to develop a way for wind to easily overcome flame. By manipulating air pressure I can easily detonate fire attacks, like you saw earlier, or rob them of the oxygen necessary to burn." Smirking Nōsei sheaths his blade and begins to perform hand-seals in a strangely careful manner.

Marami takes a deep breath as he pushes chakra along with air through pursed lips, releasing a high frequency sound painful to the human ear. The sound would assault the ears of any humans in the area, inflicting pain as a distraction as various insects in the area steadily begin to gather in both the air and on the ground. With a few quick bursts of sound Marami has gathered hundreds upon hundreds of insects from the surrounding plains, the majority slightly poisonous, others vicious, and few even possessing deadly neurotoxins. Marami gathers the insects in the air around his opponent as he directs others around his feet, creating a swarm of insects that would attack from all sides in nearly an instant. As he maintains his skyward position he looses another burst of sound, rapidly agitating the insects and sending them into a vicious frenzy. "My domain over creatures expands past beasts, the only way to deplete my resources is to kill every beast and every insect in the area... And in response the Land itself will turn against you to ensure your downfall."

"Your domain?" Nōsei questions, obviously annoyed by the piercing frequency generated by his opponent. Ceasing his hand seals before simply clapping his hands together the Mikoto encompasses himself in a swirling barrier of wind, "If your control extends over all of the creatures in the area, then my domain would be over the heavens." Stretching his arms to his sides the barrier expands outward forcing the insects away, at least temporarily. "My power extends throughout the natural forces of this world," he explains as he forms a orb of wind in his palm, "You should probably retreat."

Marami remains still as he re-seals his Blade Gauntlet before cloaking both of his hands with Wind as he begins forming a lengthy series of handseals, steadily increasing the amount of Wind building around his hands as he continues. "Let's do a bit of experimentation... He can apparently see chakra otherwise he wouldn't have been able to avoid the earlier assault... So for all purposes this should seem as if I'm weaving a technique due to the steadily increasing amount of chakra building in my hands... And the sphere in his hand would seem to be composed of Wind as well... So... Wind striking Wind should neutralize his attack and leave a chance to follow up with an attack of my own... Hopefully.." Marami mentally readies himself as he continues forming a series of handseals that serve no purpose beyond hopefully fooling Nōsei into believing that he was preparing a powerful assault of his own.

"That chakra flow...I wonder," Nōsei thinks to himself as he observes Marami seemingly prepare a technique of some type. "You know...if you survive this I'd be interested in hearing why an individual wearing what appears to be the memorabilia of a criminal organization would be interested in protecting this area," the Mikoto comments, in reference to his opponent's ring, before a strange wind encompasses him, causing him to disappear from view. Nearly instantly the swordsman reappears in midair a few meters behind his enemy at a slightly higher altitude, taking aim with the previously generated orb of wind. Launching his attack with a surprising velocity Nōsei is knocked back due to his lack of grounding.

Hearing the subtle disruption in the air and feeling the Mikoto behind him, Marami turns and thrusts his hands out as if to catch the orb. The Wind coating his hands serves as a damper to the damage as Marami uses the Wind to bisect the orb, dispersing it to both sides and drastically lessening the damage he would have received from the blow. Despite the apparent bleeding and damage to the palms of his hands Marami smirks slightly as he has discovered a way to essentially negate opposing techniques. "Needs a bit of work... But I suppose it will do for now", Marami spits into the palms of his hands to quickly clot the open wounds and avoid further damage. Facing Nōsei he quickly sends a small barrage of condensed orbs of flame in his direction, serving merely to buy a bit more time to regain his composure.

Faced with incoming fire attack Nōsei is unable to manipulate the wind around him as he falls back towards the ground. Rotating in midair the best he can on his own the swordsman is able to avoid the full brunt of Marami's attack, but is singed several times from the flames. Finally clear of direct damage he is able to slow the rate of his collision with the ground significantly through precise application of wind, landing lightly onto the ground as he surveys his burns. "I really do hate fire," Nōsei comments in disdain as he performs a quick set of hand seals before amplifying a relatively simple technique. Conjuring a cyclone of massive proportions around both himself and his opponent the Mikoto technique begins to alter the surrounding weather conditions as moisture from the outlying areas is drawn towards their battlefield. As Nōsei lowers his hands he looks at the storm he's set into motion before focusing on Marami. Carefully drawing his sword he motions for his opponent's advance as the soft rumble of thunder becomes audible.

"Great... So we're trapped inside this.. Whirlwind and he's made it borderline suicidal for me to use flames... In addition to that I can't get to my beasts while inside this damn thing... Let's see what I can do here", Marami drops to the ground as he runs nearly endless combinations of possibilities through his mind. "Let's see how he deals with this...", the chimeric man flashes through a series of handseals before launching a large egg-shaped collection of flames into the air at the exact midpoint between the Mikoto and Marami. "This cyclone restricts movement a bit and while it seems to be getting increasingly humid that will serve my purpose as well... Flames still burn in moist air, but they produce smoke as a result", the egg rapidly begins to rotate as it smolders and clouds the air with a thick smoke. Marami launches himself into the air once more and creates another egg a few feet above the second before hovering above them both as they rapidly spin and send wave after wave of fiery bats at the area below. "Now... The increased amount of heat should rise with the aid of this cyclone and quickly form a thunder storm... But before then..." Marami approaches the cyclone and takes advantage of its nature by launching a pulse of sound into the wind. "The cyclone will carry the sound down to Nōsei and its spinning motion will allow it to come from all sides... In addition to that he will have to extinguish the flames without the use of his wind or run the risk of igniting the cyclone itself... This should work", Marami continues to hover above the smoke created by the two eggs as he listens to the sound of the ever-approaching thunder.

"Smoke, huh?" Nōsei thinks to himself as he swipes away the fiery bats raining down upon him. Despite having his direct view of Marami broken the swordsman is able to sense the disturbance in his wind before the chimera's illusory sound burst is able to reach him. Immediately synchronizing his blade's unique chakra structure with his own chakra Nōsei is able to break down the chakra laced sound as it converges upon him, shielding him from harm. Meanwhile the smoke continues to build up in the cyclone, prompting the Mikoto to switch gears. Jumping backwards toward the edge of the whirlwind the swordsman parts swirling construct of air, permitting his escape, as he simultaneously conjures a large black shuriken in his free hand and channels a copious amount of wind chakra into it. Before the brief opening in the twister closes Nōsei hurls the shuriken towards the closer of the two giant fire eggs, hoping to set off an explosion. From outside of the weather phenomenon a sprinkling of rain begins to fall. Unconcerned with whether or not Marami's flames were going to ignite the wind Nōsei triggers the twister to compress in on his opponent with incredible force. " wasn't personal," he whispers, wondering if the chimeric warrior survived.

Operating on a mix of bestial instinct and raw desperation Marami coats his body in Wind before spinning in the opposite direction of the swiftly enclosing cyclone. The mixture of Wind clashing with Wind and the opposing rotations drastically reduces the damage Marami should have taken from the technique, only receiving a multitude of gashes to his arms and legs instead of the possibly fatal blow it could have dealt. Slowly forcing himself upright the bestial man glares at Nōsei with a mix of ferocity and bloodlust that has only been seen in the likes of rampaging beasts in the wild, Marami's desire for survival shattered the wall between his consciousness and those of the beasts... The chimeric warrior became feral, radiating nothing but sheer Killer Intent at the silver-haired swordsman. Both the wolf and the Gashint rushed forward at this sudden change, closing the distance between Marami and themselves in seconds before colliding with the feral warrior and causing another large boost to his physical traits, this more drastic than any of the others. The white's of Marami's eyes shifted to yellow, his muscular build increased drastically as he his strength surged past that of twelve men, his Killer Intent deepened and strengthened to match that of a beast on the hunt... Marami was bristling with bestial strength and agility, yet he stood absolutely still as he watched the swordsman's every move.

"So you did make it out alive, and from the looks of it more driven than ever before," Nōsei comments as Marami's destructive will washes over him, " appear to be losing your mind." While the swordsman was putting up a solid front in his disposition he realized the dramatic increase in danger that was building up. "He's assimilated every beast except for that heavy looking thing," he thinks to himself without shifting his focus away from his enemy for even a moment, "Probably would limit his mobility, which wouldn't be the wisest move in the fight we've had thus far. Regardless, his chakra levels are approaching the range that bijū range, I better not let this drag on too long." Shifting his weight slightly Nōsei waits for even his bestial opponent to act, rather than pursue a wounded animal.

Flashing through a series of handseals, the chimeric warrior forms an enormous creature from the flames almost identical to Riniyut. The fiery beast glides slowly through the air and blankets everything below it in a thick smoke meant to induce a blend of nausea and drowsiness in those to inhale in addition to obscuring vision. Marami suddenly sends Lightning and Wind coursing over his body before seeming to instantly vanish, leaving only a slight indentation in his place. The bestial man appears directly to the right of Nōsei and aims a powerful diagonal slash across the swordsman's chest, the blow holding enough force to easily shatter bone and decapitate if it were to connect with the man's head instead of his chest.

Shifting the wind around himself Nōsei is able to create a small area clear of the noxious fumes to stand in, though he loses visual contact with his opponent as Marami is cloaked in the smoke. Though, without warning the chimeric warrior is upon him utilizing his dual elemental speed enhancement. Despite leaping back from the embodiment of pure bestial rage Nōsei receives a relatively deep gash across his chest. Retaliating before Marami's strike is even completed the Mikoto extends the reach of his blade with wind chakra while simultaneously performing an unnaturally quick maneuver, attempting to equally inflict damage upon his opponent. Without verifying the success of his attack Nōsei slides backwards against his failed evasion, realizing the extent of his wound. "Probably broke a rib or two as well," he thinks to himself as he takes note of the residual chakra surrounding his opponent's body the swordsman is able to deduce the nature of his physical enhancement. Wasting no time Nōsei fires off a thin blade of wind towards Marami.

Marami reacts rapidly to the swordsman's counter as he uses the combined senses of four different beasts to detect the assault the instant Nōsei begins the motion and raising his forearm to block the blow, receiving a deep gash as a result. He flickers from view in order to dodge to blade of wind before vanishing once more and appearing directly in front of the silver haired swordsman, quickly bringing up a knee with the intent of driving the wind from his opponent as he simultaneously fires a burst of sound from point blank range.

Surprisingly Marami's combination attack passes through Nōsei as if the swordsman doesn't possess any substance, before the false image fades away. From behind the chimeric warrior the Mikoto's voice speaks coldly. "An optical illusion generated by my speed's effect upon your eyes," he comments, "I hope you didn't think your dual elemental speed was unique to you. Also, haven't you already tried that point blank sound burst before?" Deciding not to continue questioning any further, since Marami likely was able to track him by his scent, Nōsei reveals that when he inflicted the wound with his wind enhanced blade he momentarily switched the element channeled through the blade into lightning, sealing a portion of this chakra onto his opponent. Triggering the seal to generate a powerful electrical charge Nōsei is able to draw the attention of natural lightning within the gathering storm above the combatants. "Even with your speed...I doubt you'll dodge this," he comments calmly, blood running down his chest. Without delay a magnificent bolt of destruction descends from heavens upon Marami. Unable to see the result due to the incredible luminescence of the technique Nōsei waits for the outcome.

Having began gathering Lightning in both his hands as Nōsei was talking, Marami quickly flashes through four handseals to further increase the amount of lightning in his hands before using his already enhanced speed to hold them above his head as if to catch the lightning strike. The immense bolt crashes into his palms as the large amount of lightning gathered in his hands serves to negate a sizable portion of the strike by repelling it with an equally negative charge as the wind coating his entire body further lessens the damage due to it being a natural insulator. Marami stands stock still as he uses his own Lightning to direct that of the strike away from major organs within his body in order to avoid major internal damage. The smell of singed flesh permeates the entire area around Marami, revealing that despite the numerous countermeasures taken he had received a sizable amount of damage. Doing a quick run over of his body he takes into account that the gashes he received earlier were no longer bleeding, having been cauterized by the electrical attack. Despite surviving the strike Marami's senses were in shock, nearly blinded by the sheer amount of light he would have to rely on a combination of this Kekkei Genkai and his remaining senses to determine his surroundings.

Lowering Myaku-giri to his side as he views the condition his opponent is in Nōsei lets out a solemn sigh. "I can respect attempting to defend one's territory, but shouldn't you call it quits after surviving that?" the swordsman comments, "You may look like a beast, but right now your stubborn refusal to quit is attributed to humanity." Considering the strong possibility that Marami may continue fighting the Mikoto considers the possibility that he would have to use "that technique." He had yet to complete it, but he would really have no other option to end this battle without error. "What will you decide chimera, if their any amount of reasoning left within you," Nōsei questions silently.

The Natoro's eyes no longer seemed as feral, yet this sudden change may be from the current inability for his eyes to bring anything into focus. His gaze would seem empty, devoid of any anger yet made more disturbing due to seeming to simply look through everything around him. "Let's give the swordsman a little shock shall we...", making use of his refined Kekkei Genkai Marami establishes a quick mental connection with the Mikoto; forcefully imposing his own stream of consciousness along with those of the four beasts and any insects or animals in the surrounding area upon the mind of the swordsman for a brief moment. The sudden mental bombardment would be enough to temporarily shatter the sanity of an average person but for a nin of the Mikoto's caliber it would serve as a painful shock, briefly shaking his mental foundations and thought process. "A human is naught but another beast, albeit a bit more refined in their appearance. That should thoroughly shake him... And buy enough time to completely gather my thoughts.."

Visibly shaken by Marami's unique tactic Nōsei raises his free hand up to his head. He'd be lying if the sudden influx of consciousness from the surrounding creatures wasn't effecting him, but then he suddenly speaks out to Marami. "So that's how you've managed," he comments while coldly, a sense of agitation in his voice, "I never would have imagined such a technique would have developed, but you've definitely put it to good work." Lowering his hand from his throbbing head Nōsei looks upon his opponent with disdain. "I don't know if this is a botched attempt to possess me or simply a distraction, but prefer when people stay out of my head," the swordsman explains, "In all honesty...I'll give you a final chance to fall back, otherwise I can't guarantee your life."

Marami sharpens his focus as he readies himself to move and circulates a steady flow of chakra around his body. Listening in to every insect, every animal, the very land itself Marami focused on feeling the silver haired Mikoto as he taps his ring twice, conjuring two kunai. The chimeric warrior simply waits, his muscles rippling with tension as he prepares himself for whatever was to come. One way or another, this conflict would be drawing to a swift end. "Make your move Nōsei."

"So that's how it's going to be," the swordsman whispers under his breath, "Very well then." Holding his sword off to his side Nōsei determines that he only has the stamina left for a couple major techniques before he would be on the edge of collapse. Drawing the rest of the ambient energy from the surrounding storm into his body the Mikoto's chakra nearly seamlessly melds with the chaotic power of the storm, causing a significant portion of the ground around him buckle under the oppressive force he's wielding. Simultaneously any meteorological unrest in the immediate vicinity vanishes as the air around Nōsei becomes eerily still. Repositioning his blade Nōsei takes an incredibly structured iaidō stance as he flows the storm's energy through his body with rhythmic pulses.

The Natoro remains motionless as he circulates his chakra throughout his body, further supplementing his speed enhancement as he condenses a large amount of lightning nature chakra over his hands. Marami continues building the amount of chakra in his hands, finally making use of his border-line Jinchūriki-level chakra reserves as he begins pushing the upper limits of natural capabilities. Remaining absolutely still, the chimeric warrior continues forming his assault in his hands as it swells past deadly proportions to the monstrous. "Heh... Being forced to resort to the experimental... I've never had to do this... I better not die here." The chakra continues gathering in his hands as it becomes clear that he plans on allowing the Mikoto the first strike, resorting to a counter-blow as opposed to a frontal assault.

Quickly cycling through several hand seals Nōsei generates a massive dragon amplified with both natural wind and lightning. Instead of attacking directly head on the Mikoto arcs the composite monstrosity in a wide curve, aimed at striking Marami on his right side. As the draconic technique barrels towards the chimeric warrior it smolders the ground with the intensity of the energy involved, despite not making direct contact with the earth itself.

Rapidly assessing the situation Marami takes advantage of both the widely curved nature of the attack and his enhanced speed the chimeric warrior vanishes and reappears roughly twenty meters to the right of Nōsei before the attack could ever reach his side, as the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line. The Natoro notes his muscles beginning to scream from his overuse of his enhanced speed as he settles and rapidly recharges his body with the technique once more, seemingly more focused on avoiding attacks than launching his own. "There won't be much more of this... My body itself will give out on me if this drags out for much longer... Without question this has to end now... All I need is an opening..."

"I've already invested too much energy in this technique...I can't let that be for naught," Nōsei thinks to himself as he displays unusual control of the technique, leading it to continue pursuing Marami with greater velocity than before. Controlling the chakra construct purely with mental will the Mikoto closes the gap between himself and the chimeric warrior in a split second attempting to bisect his opponent. Meanwhile his previous technique steadily climbs into the air, gaining altitude with every moment.

Continuously building the chakra in palms palms until the last moment, Marami thrusts his left hand towards the silver-haired Mikoto's blade intending to catch the blade to allow him to follow up with his right hand. The sheer amount of chakra in his hands would be enough to thoroughly damage or possibly shatter the blade in its entirety, causing intense vibrations at the moment of impact due to the immense amounts of lightning-based chakra surrounding to Natoro's hand. In the same instant he thrusts his left hand towards the swordsman's blade he looses two quick bursts, weaving an illusion into the last that would exactly duplicate the battle if Nōsei were to become trapped in its confines.

Instantaneously realizing the potential that his opponent's technique possessed Nōsei utilized his kenjutsu style to increase his sword based technique rate to the utmost limits. By doing to the Mikoto is able to let loose two powerful abilities aimed at rending his opponent's chakra null, and potentially ending this battle in the same instant. The first technique, a product of Myaku-giri itself, launched forth a thin burst of chakra designed to dissociate any chakra it came it with contact with, while simultaneously delivering incredible lethality in terms of sharpness. Additionally, the swordsman followed up with a pulse of chakra that stripped foreign chakra's ability to retain its structured state, effectively nullifying Marami's dual layered illusion and further disrupting the lightning melee technique. As the pair clashed, chakra brimming with utter and absolute destructive force, and massive explosion ensues their trade of blows. As the earth trembles and the sky parts from the apocalyptic encounter Nōsei can be seen sliding backwards out of a dust cloud, breathing heavily as he waits for confirmation on the state of the chimeric warrior.

The dust settles and the Natoro stands tall, his left hand bleeding as he drops it to his side while his right hand still maintains the monstrous amount of lightning in its palm. The chimeric warrior had used a strange mixture of the animals abilities along with his own, firing a dense burst of natural sound, via Riniyut's abilities, while cloaking it in the natural fire produced by Leonus and summoning his gauntlet resulting in the damage from the technique being drastically reduced as the fire and sound combination eradicates much of the blow and the blade serves to redirect the majority of the remaining attack. Marami quickly launches a steady stream of natural flame at the Mikoto, focusing on using his chakra to funnel it into his right hand and further increase the potency of the technique. "I will not die here... This can't drag on much longer... Otherwise I'll have to fully combine with the chimera..."

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