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Clone Pincer Attack
Name Clone Pincer Attack
Kanji 分身挟撃
Classification Offensive
Rank B-rank
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
This taijutsu maneuver, developed by Hitori Koyama, draws an opponent into a defensive position allowing the user to attack the enemy's flank. After delivering a swift upper that launches a target into the air the user will create a clone that follows up with the Shadow of the Dancing Leaf. From her the clone will attempt rotate around in midair attempting powerful kick or slice, which is enhanced in force by gravity, on the victim. As the victim moves to defend against the clone's attack the original leaps from beneath the opponent and scores a blow while they are occupied.

A variation of the technique uses the clone to leap up and attack the opponent directly while Hitori waits patiently within the user's shadow. Once the victim is occupied with the clone she delivers a critical blow.

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