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Cloud Release
Cloud Release
Name Cloud Release
Kanji 雲遁
Rōmaji Unton
Derived jutsu Cloud Release: Cloud-forged Dragon
Cloud Release: Hidden in the Clouds
Cloud Release: Riding Cloud Technique
Cloud Release: Suffocating Cloud
Cloud Release: Weather Bomb Technique
User(s) Sannotō Uzumaki

The Cloud Release (雲遁, "Unton" in Japanese) is the kekkei genkai of Sannotō Uzumaki comprised of unknown elements, although it is believed that the natures pf fire and water play a part.

Focused on the concept of expanding the chakra outward into the form of a cloud, Sannotō can mold the form and density of the cloud to his liking. This allows Sannotō to perform tasks such as creating a device to move on or even expand a cloud within a target's lungs to suffocate them.

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