Cloud Release: Weather Bomb Technique
Weather Bomb
Name Cloud Release: Weather Bomb Technique
Kanji 雲遁 気象爆弾
Literal English Cloud Release: Weather Bomb
Other Cloud Style: Climate Nuke
Classification Offensive
Range Short to Mid range
Hand Seals Snake → Monkey → Tiger → Boar
Other Jutsu

By releasing plumes of storm clouds from his canister, Sannotō can release a large burst of lightning from within these clouds, creating an absolutely devastating technique to whoever may encounter it. Much like Cloud Release: Cloud-forged Dragon, Sannotō cannot control this burst of lightning, due it being a natural occurrence.

A stronger form of this technique, Sannotō envelops the target in the clouds, trapping them. Once they have been completely submerged in the clouds, the lightning will shock the opponent until they can escape from the labyrinth of clouds. Once again, the Uzumaki clansman cannot control the lightning, per above.

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