This article, Corrosion Technique, is property of Waterkai.

Corrosion Technique
Name Corrosion Technique
Kanji Unknown
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Rank Unknown
Range Short-range
Hand Seals None
Other Jutsu

Due to the nature of her kekkei genkai, Mae's chakra is laced with a very strong corrosive effect, which she can use to burn through objects on touch. If she wills it, she can use this via any spot on her body, allowing her to also force her way out of an obstacle if trapped and melt any hindrance in her way. The swiftness of the corrosion is dependent on the sturdiness of the object in question, although Mae can adjust the actual rate at which the technique burns through things for interrogation or covert purposes. Chakra can also be affected, although it is much more resistant than other physical barriers, taking at least a full minute to be burned through.

With the use of Chakra Flow, Mae can flow her uniquely-themed chakra through her sword as well, giving it similar properties. Even minor cuts are known to eat away at the flesh and cause excruciating pains, although the chakra does not spread far away from the wound nor does it persist to eat away after been dealt with.

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