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Crescent Moon Slash Method
Name Crescent Moon Slash Method
Kanji 弦月切り法
Literal English Crescent Moon Slash Method
Classification Majutsu Symbol Majutsu, Kenjutsu, Chakra Flow
Range All ranges
Other Jutsu
Derived from Mark of the Wicked: Stigma of Ruin this technique allows the user to channel chaotic chakra through weapons in order to increase their sharpness, much like the technique performed by the samurai of the Land of Iron. When forming the technique the user collects the aforementioned energy onto their blade, which appears like an arcing bolts of chakra that run along the blade before expanding into an ethereal mist that flows around the weapon in a violent manner. Shirokaze, an expert with this technique, is able to initiate its performance without any noticeable delay, easily catching his opponents off guard. Additionally, he has shown the ability to launch a crescent shaped wave of chakra with the chakra used in this technique. This projectile wave can vary in size and chakra density, permitting the technique to be customized as necessary. Thus the amount of destruction that this technique can cause is difficult to predict, allowing it to be used to produce utter ruin or precise projectile cuts.

It should be noted that when Shirokaze performs this technique with his ancestral chakra, or with Tōkajin, the hue of the utilized energy is pale green, opposed to its normal silver coloration. With Tōkajin the technique appears to be more powerful than normal as well, in addition to embodying purification properties.

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