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Curse Technique: Eternal Damnation
Name Curse Technique: Eternal Damnation
Kanji 呪術・永遠の苦しみ
Literal English Curse Technique: Eternal Damnation
Classification Jujutsu, Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu
Rank S-rank
Other Jutsu

While being held captive by the followers of Jashin, Ryū was constantly experimented upon. The result of all those experiments was that Ryū ended up being the only known person to be able to use this technique. In an attempt to bring a part of their god Jashin into the living world by using a ritual similar to reverse-exorcism, Ryū's captors chose him to act as the host to channel Jashin's powers and soul in this world. Though they were unsuccessful as the very existence of Jashin was not a certainty, they nevertheless managed to summon a being akin to a demon and seal his powers within Ryū by means of one of their own unique seals.

By using the Curse Technique: Eternal Damnation, Ryū is capable of drawing upon that power, but such is the seal that was used that Ryū must perform a certain ritual before he can use the powers. In order to use the demon's powers Ryū must first cut himself and draw the Jashin symbol on his chest with his own blood. Once that is done he can undo the seal by pouring chakrs into the symbol on his chest. Once the seal is released Ryū undergoes a change in his appearance with his skin turning ashen white, his hair growing much longer, reaching down to his waist, and a hole appearing in the center of his chest where he had drawn the Jashin symbol. Despite the existence of the gaping hole in the center of his chest, the technique keeps him alive and releasing the seal even heals the injuries he had obtained up to that point. The edges of the hole are decorated, with markings stretching outwards from it, across his chest and shoulders.

Dead genjutsu

A hole appearing in Ryū's chest as the seal is released.

His fingers and toes now end in retractable claws, sharp and strong enough to be used as weapons on their own. Small furry red tufts appear on numerous parts of his body, two starting from his collarbone and stretching around his neck, and one each on his wrists and ankles. His face is covered by a mask similar to his hunter-nin mask, only much more sinister in appearance. It covers his head completely and is white with black markings on it, similar to the markings on his chest; four spike-shaped marks emerge from the top of his skull, two ending near his forehead, and the other two stretching past the eyes and teeth, going past his chin and joining with the marks on his chest. The mask features two long forward-pointing horns with black strips extending from their center towards the tips.

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