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Cursed Healing Regeneration Technque
Name Cursed Healing Regeneration Technque
Kanji 呪治再生の術
Literal English Cursed Healing Regeneration Technique
Classification Supplementary
Rank S-rank
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
Developed by Katsuki Naoe in an attempt to create the ultimate Medical Ninjutsu this technique utilizes the knowledge she gained during the creation of her cursed seal in order to quickly and effectively regenerate critical damage inflicted upon an individual. Forcefully tapping into physical alteration characteristic of the user's cursed seal and controlling it she is able to utilize the target's own body to help regenerate wounds. While this technique is extremely attuned to regenerating lost flesh, and even massive damage to organs, it can disrupt the spiritual-physical balance in patients. Such an imbalance, as seen with Hitori Koyama, can induce a coma like state. Such a state can only be alleviated by the removal or sealing of the juinjutsu in question. Later incarnations of this technique supplement the Cursed Nutrient Pill instead of requiring the target to have the cursed seal, minimizing this risk.

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