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Dance of the Reverse Swallow
Name Dance of the Reverse Swallow
Kanji 裏燕の舞
Classification Offensive
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
Dance of the Reverse Swallow (裏燕の舞, Ura Tsubame no Mai) is an advanced kenjutsu style developed by Nōsei no Mikoto as an expansion to the Turning Swallow Cut. Like its predecessor, this technique can perform two sequential strikes at such speed that an opponent may not be unable to discern them both. Dance of the Turning Swallow is executed by first performing a faux slash towards an enemy. While this strike doesn't strike a target it positions the user's blade for a reverse strike the follows the same arc but with the opposite direction. This reverse strike is then immediately covered by a final forward strike upon the enemy. Due to the speed of the reverse strike the unaided eye will only be able to able to visually grasp the forward strikes, blending the faux and final slashes into single movement. Though, being able to track the movements of even this "slash" is limited to individuals with particularly keen senses. This allows the user to effectively double all of their sword strikes, subsequently generating confusion amongst enemies, but requires that their cuts are relatively linear. Despite this, Dance of Turning Swallow can be performed in rapid succession allowing the the user unleash a myriad of strikes in an instant.

While relatively simple this technique requires seamless precision and a notable amount of stamina to be continuous performed. Therefore it is not surprising that its usage can be completely devastating when performed on opponents. Nōsei has stated that this technique is his most strenuous purely physical technique to utilize, leading him to perform it with the utmost care.

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